Withdrawal of 30 Projects from Companies Reluctant in Karbala

Karbala: Iraq News Network – A second deputy governor of Karbala Ali Mayali for the withdrawal of an assigned 30 projects for implementation of the companies implementing the reluctance of accomplishment, stressing punish all cadres of engineering and managerial government overseeing the implementation of those projects. He Mayali that the relevant committees in the local government withdrew the work of 30 companies implementing projects in the sectors of various projects included roads, health, sewage, schools, explaining the projects that have been withdrawn came to reluctance to complete the work in accordance with the planned periods of time, or the percentage of completion or in accordance with the specifications that had been contracted , noting sanctions were imposed on these companies and included in the black list will be forwarded by the projects in the future, but he also punishment impair well as staff and supervising engineers on these projects implemented by companies lagging the lack of monitoring and supervision properly.

Said Mayali, that the local government is working to develop new mechanisms ensure punish companies is serious work and reward companies that are committed to work according to the conditions and complete it on time, pointing out that the province has warned more than 15 other company implemented various projects of the consequences of exposure to sanctions and legal proceedings in the case to continue dragging its feet in the implementation or failure to achieve completion rates of advanced .

The government was Karbala local had announced earlier this year for obtaining the authorization of the Federal Council of Ministers allowed to withdraw projects Federal lagging and forwarded directly to other companies regardless of the financial and administrative implications. noted that the people of a number of revival of the province of Karbala disgruntled what they the case for many of the Iraqi provinces of the reluctance of many strategic projects and service alike.


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