Obama: Monitoring of Five Billion Dollars to Fight Terrorism

The culmination of Iraq’s efforts in uniting the international to eliminate it BAGHDAD – morning picking Iraq the fruits of his efforts to unite the international community in the face of terrorism and eliminate it, at the invitation of U.S. President Barack Obama to the allocation of 5 billion dollars to support the U.S. partners in the fight against terrorism. Comes this call consecration decisions of the Conference of Baghdad, the first international anti-terrorism, which was held mid-March last year, in which it urged the international community to unite in the face of terrorism and eliminate it, and said the U.S. president in a speech at West Point in upstate New York, he calls on Congress to support such an initiative that will allow for the United States to train and build capacity in partner countries on the front line in the fight against terrorism, urging Congress to defend the proposal to form fund a new partnership to combat terrorism, up to five billion dollars.

noted in his speech that these resources will give the United States the flexibility to accomplish various tasks, including the training of security forces battling al-Qaida in Yemen and support the strength of the multinational peacekeeping in Somalia and working with European allies to train security forces and border police in Libya and help the French military operations in Mali. The Baghdad conference first international anti-terrorism saw the participation of 50 countries and organizations specialized in the field of counter-terrorism, in a move that promised a serious attempt by the Iraqi government to put the problem of terrorism is international and the search for causes and develop appropriate solutions to get rid of them regionally and globally.

And recommended the final statement of the conference the importance of strengthening International cooperation in the exchange of information and experiences and to respond to requests for extradition and accused of terrorist offenses or convicted, and cooperation in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing.


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