Sell Iraqi Dinar

Why US Banks are Inspiring
People to Sell Iraqi Dinar to them?


As the revaluation postponed by the finance committee of Iraq, the US banks started inspiring people to sell their Iraqi dinars to them. Why US banks are doing so? If Iraqi dinars are useless papers, why these banks are purchasing these useless papers from their customers by offering better price on the return of these Iraqi dinars? The answer is so simple, Iraqi dinars are not useless papers and US banks understand the facts of the Iraqi economy and the future of the Iraqi dinar.

The revaluation of Iraqi dinar is postponed till the end of 2014 and some of the people are talking about the cancellation of revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. I can’t understand how dinar will not be revalued and why it will not regain its value back in the global market when most of the things are going in the favor of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar process. The revaluation of the IQD is just delayed due to preparation of general elections to be held in March 2014. The government of Iraq and the central bank of Iraq cannot pay much attention to the revaluation process because they are in the preparation of the general elections. There are following some of the important facts that lead to the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

Iraq is trying to get the membership of world trade organization as soon as possible. After this membership, the currency of Iraq will be traded freely in the world without any restriction and the investors will be able to buy and sell Iraqi dinars in their home country and they will not have to go to Iraq to exchange the currency. Furthermore the central bank of Iraq will soon stop selling US dollars in the auction as it is causing money laundering in the country and also Iraq will not need US dollars anymore because it will start international trade with Iraqi dinars very soon. Iraq will have to revalue its currency, if it wants to start the trade with its home currency. The other countries of the world will have to maintain enough reserve in their central banks to meet the trade targets with Iraq.

All of these things show that IQD is going to revalue very soon, if Iraq wants to take membership of world trade organization and if it wants to start trading with its own currency, it will have to regain its value back in the international market. Looking of all these facts, the US banks are buying Iraqi dinars from its people to gain maximum profit with this dinar investment.

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