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IQD is The Most Selling Currency in World – Do You Agree?

With more than 40% of per year economic growth, Iraq dinar is one of the most attractive and most selling currencies of the world. The growth rate of the Iraqi economy is more than any other developing country of the region. The economists are so hopeful for its economy and expecting so positive results for Iraq and its economy in ... Read More »

How Gold Prices Impact on The Economy and Budget of Iraq

We have been observing a fall in the gold prices in the international market for a few months and the countries that are trading with gold instead of dollar of any other currency are worried about this continuous fall in the gold prices. Iraq is also one of those countries who are using gold for their international trades instead of ... Read More »

Why Investment in IQD is Confusing?

There is so much confusion nowadays to invest in Iraqi dinar. There are different points of view about this investment; some people say that this is a scam while a large number of people predicts that this is the investment which has been offering the benefits for the future and for the long term. No doubt, this country has been ... Read More »

Why IQD is Facing Reduction in Its Value?

The government of Iraq with the cooperation of the central bank of Iraq is playing well in the economic ground of the world to regain the value of the dinar in local and international level. The central bank of Iraq is facing a major issue in controlling the volume of foreign currency in the country which directly affects the value ... Read More »

Economy of Iraq in 2014

Iraq is always in media reports by its critical security situations and facing a difficult security environment than any other country of the world. Despite of its all security issues, the annual growth of Iraq is about 9% that is more than any other developing country of the world and Iraq is growing its economy with the good pace and ... Read More »

The Main Revenue Secret of Iraq

The Iraq is ninety percent dependent on its oil and gas industry and generates most of its revenue from this industry. For more than six months, the oil production in Iraq was affected by the leakage and repair issues in the different areas of Iraq. The Infrastructure of the Iraq is badly damaged by the severe war with the United ... Read More »

Investing in IQD is a Surprise for You?

Investing in IQD is always a question for many people; people are always surprised to know about Iraqi dinar investment. For those who are new to the internet world, really got surprised to know about the investment in currency of Iraq. They are always keen to know about this currency, its investment procedures, and investment perspective according to the future ... Read More »

Interesting News About The IQD

IQD has been the talk of town for all the investors. Iraq is an oil rich country and in spite of its war conditions and the constant threats of the US for attacks on it, people are still thinking about investing in the Dinar. Currency of Iraq would soon be seen as the best currency as per the Iraqi economists. ... Read More »

Iraqs Economy and Its Condition

Iraq was a very strong country a few decades back. It had a very strong economy but with the passage of time and the constant war conditions the country lost all its beauty and has not been able to recover up till yet. The tourism got affected badly and due to the war conditions the Muslims who wanted to visit ... Read More »

Is The Valuing of Dinar is a Great Idea?

Valuing the dinar is a great idea as all those people who had recently been trying to manage the different things related to the buying and selling of it, should wait for a bit. The government of Iraq is making strict efforts in revaluing the currency and all the while the World Bank has been providing its support too. However ... Read More »