Lift the Immunity from Iraqi Funds

BAGHDAD – Morning, The United States lifted the immunity of the Development Fund for Iraq, which were imposed by the UN Security Council Resolution 1483 to protect Iraqi funds from international claims after the fall of the dictatorial regime in 2003. comes at a time of reduced through government sources of risk that could result from the decision , asserting that the official authorities have taken all the precautions that will protect Iraqi funds. Attributed the United States, according to a statement issued by U.S. President Barack Obama and posted on the White House Web site, the reasons for lifting the immunity, to «change the circumstances that necessitated protection mode on Iraqi oil revenues» He pointed out that «the changing circumstances in Iraq, including the progress made ​​by the Government of Iraq in the solution and manage the risks associated with debt owed ​​and claims resulting from the actions of the former regime are all things that prompted the United States to lift the immunity of Iraq’s money».

Said Obama, according to the statement: It is «under the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States, including a law authorities, international economic emergency, as amended, and national emergency, we have decided to lift the immunity granted to the Development Fund for Iraq and the private property belonging to the Iraqi government abroad», Obama stressed that «the procedure will not affect In the case of national emergency or immunity Iraqi government and property », pointing out that« all agencies of the U.S. government and directed under this resolution to take all appropriate measures within their legal authority to implement the provisions of this system ».

In addition, the Iraqi government announced that the decision to raise the U.S. administration immunity from Iraqi funds in the framework of the Development Fund for Iraq was the agreement between the two sides. Said head of the advisers in the Prime Minister Thamer Ghadban during a press statement: that «the decision to lift the immunity of the agreement between the two countries,» noting that «Iraq’s request to extend the immunity was repeated three years ago, the Iraqi government requests the extension for another year is done». added that «the Iraqi government reassuring to the absence of risk to the Iraqi funds after the lifting of immunity about where taken all measures so».

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