State of Law: Nothingness of Iraq without Maliki

 Baghdad / Iraq News Network – The independent MP in the forces of the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, stuck to his coalition with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s sole candidate for the post of prime minister, pointing to the existence of parties and political figures have expressed their desire to join the project of state law for the formation of a national government majority comfortable. Said MP al-Maliki said in a statement today.

“The basis of democracy, which originated in Iraq after the fall of the former regime is to respect the will of the Iraqi people and that the decision is in his hand alone, and therefore all who believe in the democratic process in the new Iraq by the faith of this fact.” and added that “al-Maliki won the trust of the people and exceeded the percentage of the vote to his name unless you get it blocks the whole, which makes everyone’s convinced that people want Maliki and everyone is obliged to respect the will of the people, in addition to state law, its members had received in the previous election in 2010 to 1.72 million voice with I got today at 3.62 million voice which guide the largest over-confidence and success that accompanied the work of the coalition and his National during the past period. “and explained that” the recent meeting of the State Law Collect to be Maliki’s candidate, state law only for the post of prime minister, a matter which we found a number Quite a few of the other political parties are committed to their sense of entitlement to lead the next stage after the great success to bypass many of the difficult situations faced by Iraq and the democratic experiment in the last stage.

“Said Rep. Al-Maliki said that” the rule of law is proceeding with its national project in coordination with the other parties, the national secured our project to achieve the majority convenient to form a strong government able to achieve the wishes of the citizens and our doors are open on all sides and do not have any red lines on any political bloc away from any focused or entrenched doctrinal Aoukoma or sectarian, “noting that” the existence of many parties and political figures have expressed interest in joining the project state law, pending a response from the rest of the parties to proceed to ensure the formation of the next government. “It is said that the political parties in the state law met yesterday and approved the nomination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third term.

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