Transparency Means to Activate the Companies Lagging

Transparency and disclosure of style adopted in the transition towards a market economy and without them can not achieve the principle of governance which always calls her Economists means good governance and may be useful to refer to applications of this technique, in one of the meetings of the General Authority for one of the banks that took place during the past week we have seen for How near this experience? General Authority considered the highest authority in the company of a select chairman and members of the board of directors and hold them accountable for the implementation of the plans drawn and her hand all the important decisions.

After submitting Alajrouat formal offer work program included reading the annual report of activities practiced by the bank and show the final accounts are being used to be a member of the Commission to discuss the reports, paragraph by paragraph and then clarification and inquire of the Board of Directors for each Tuwaini, especially those related to expenses and spending are then approve Aorvd Reports or recommendation as amended according to the observations of the members of the Commission. This style is required to achieve a just and fair procedures for shareholders and maintain their rights and the way that is the path bosses of the company of deviation Awaltlaab, so it comes with satisfactory results through the realization of profits, without which can not be for the company to stay in the labor market, this observation leads us to conclude that one of the reasons for the failure of the public companies they do not depend this technique used globally in large economies.

Eight this style is that separates the joint-stock companies and family so that they are public bodies ability to important decisions in the correct path of the company and maintain its durability, but the outlet on the family business it deviates from the application of the goals that were licensed for. Not profit alone obsession vacation companies, despite its importance in durability but there are targets of economic and social should their presence when do any particular activity and so indelible dye taken from your activity as a Aahdf only preference profits have produced a system of free Awaguetsad market style of transparency and disclosure in order to achieve the principle of governance that contribute in strengthening the capacity of companies and durability in the labor market.

Perhaps what we saw from the application of this technique in the General Assembly meeting of UNESCO’s International Bank, where Morse this principle, which promise to Chairman and Wadih Handal Hoalasas in achieving the desired results, make sure we have Balmoktua to approach new economic Stepping Iraq towards it is a market economy requires a dedicated style of transparency and disclosure The trend towards corporate governance in order to cope with the global economic system, otherwise we will lose everything. eight governance principle economist can be implemented in public companies, but later converted into joint-stock companies and to the private sector with the task of responsibility of management and thus can achieve economic reform and financial and administrative in these companies.

When available, the style of transparency and disclosure, which has long used by the Securities Commission, according to its president Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi when assessing the performance of companies and thereby guarantee join companies its structure new to the Iraqi market for securities, which is a real indicator of the companies and the ways of success and so we believe the success and advancement of corporate lagging and idle and entering the job market and production, These are the usefulness and importance of public bodies to change the path toward corporate success.

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