Agriculture: No Expensive in the Prices of Fruits and Vegetables

Coordination with high border crossings to provide permanency BAGHDAD – Shkran Fatlawi To ensure control over the stability of the domestic market and to counter the occurrence of the case of high prices and to facilitate the passage of trucks as soon as possible and directed the Ministry of Agriculture of all cadres to exert strenuous effort in all the provinces to keep up with the work of border crossing points in order to facilitate the passage of agricultural products entering the country. Food security

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Technical d. Mehdi ligature Qaisi said ┬╗Sabah┬╗ that the ministry and all its affiliates and offices seeks to provide the market requirement of fruits and vegetables in all parts of Iraq, pointing out that this goal requires determining the framework for the mechanism of coordination of work between the offices of the ministry and the work of border crossing points indicating that the follow-up continuing with this quarries on the one hand and local markets on the other.

Local Products

He added that the ministry is working on the continuous monitoring of the local markets to learn about the available quantities of local products in order not to a crisis of any kind, work on the import of what is available, as well as its efforts to reduce production costs through its support of the domestic product and give continued support to the peasants and farmers and provide them with fertilizers and seeds.

National Project

Meanwhile pointed Qaisi that effort ministry position on the national project for the cultivation of wheat as of strategic projects large security-related food and works to fill the need full of wheat, pointing out that the project would also provide for the wheat crop, it will prevent wastage of water resources as a result of use of the irrigation system sprinkler and the accompanying positives of being able to use a liquid fertilization as well as the possibility of the use of control during the process of this irrigation system and Maitba that of a large increase in the yield of the earth.

Border Crossings

He noted that the ministry Qaisi directed through the Office of the Inspector General of all branches of the office in a number of provinces to keep up with the work of border crossings to facilitate the passage of agricultural products entering the country with ease.
Inspector-General of the Ministry of d. Ibrahim Hamid al-Zubaidi instructed all branches of the Office of the importance of standing on the workflow process agricultural products entering the two types of plant and animal falling from the border crossing points (Shalamjah – Safwan and Zurbatiyah). Referring to the follow-up to the entry procedures in terms of the staff assigned to co-exist and do daily to take over the process of supervision and control on the entry of trucks carrying agricultural products from (vegetables and fruits) and animal products and derivatives.
Stressing to stand as a serious and resolute in the face of the crisis experienced by the country in light of recent events.

Large Inventory

He returned Qaisi concludes by noting that the ministry has a large stockpile sufficient to meet the need of the market in this period and subsequent periods and that the ministry is continuing to form committees to Hjulh without the high prices and know the material is available and work to be provided as soon as possible should the need arise for it.

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