A Joint Committee Formed to Control the Prices

Council announced the formation of Wasit province, a joint committee of the province and the national security and economic security, and the relevant authorities to combat the high prices of consumer products during the holy month of Ramadan.

The deputy head of the provincial council in Wasit Turkish Aghannimoa in his personal location social networking [Facebook], “it was the formation of a joint committee of Wasit province, and national security and economic security, and the relevant authorities and under the supervision of the provincial council to follow the markets and to prevent the exploitation of the owners of weak souls current security situation to monopolize food “.

He Aghannimoa “open port Zurbatiyah border to receive food customs duties were canceled because of its positive impact on the smooth flow of goods entering and stabilize the market,” adding that he “will take the maximum penalties against violators and negligent.”

The religious authority has called on the tongue of its representative in Karbala, Ahmed Safi in her speeches, 20 of the current month, “food retailers and basic materials needed by the citizens and the general public to take into account equity and not monopolize foods that form the staple of the people, and not to raise their, the monopoly is religiously permissible as it is not consistent with the morality of the Iraqis. “


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