Najafi Announce the Withdrawal of his Candidacy for the Presidency

Said House Speaker Osama Najafi, the withdrawal of his candidacy for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in the new session, noting that “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is aware that it is not inevitable nomination of a new President of the Council of Ministers there was only insisting on linking his exit from the presidency of the Council of Ministers and not his candidacy for a third term agreeing to not to run for the presidency of the new parliament. “

He said Najafi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, “aware of our three facts large clear first is that the nation does not build it does not protect him, but his men Alabah ascetics and that history is not written, but Althabton the supreme values ​​and ideals nominal, Second, the cornering historical testing metals Men Vtstdl peoples on their powers and the weak among them and fixed Jnanhm not soon, but that descend strong hard Jinan status of the male perfume and aimed a weak collapsing to Haad forgetfulness, Iiithma to get Iraq out of its ordeal harsh current requires a great deal of sacrifice for it, and our appreciation for his partners honorable positions good in terms of saving the political process, which afflicts her risk may destroy it to the end of the unfortunate, and rid the country of illness attributed the crises that over and going through the home and for the right excuses and arguments craving behind chairs and positions, announced the withdrawal of my candidacy for the presidency of the House of Representatives in the new session, Wishing those who would occupy this position to guide and help to serve the people, and once again the great era of popular builder I’ll be a soldier for his service in any field of honor for him and a warrior for his dignity, pride and honor and honor and property where needed it. “

He continued by saying, “O people of Iraq Karim proud It’s a historic moment for this by addressing you in. I recall the deeper Mavi history of the Arab Islamic values ​​of honesty, courage and altruism, mixed meanings noble derived from the pond this holy month, where purified selves and transcend to embrace the meaning of the Bible, which gives him the message of the Islamic tolerant, It’s mandate respected sisters, brothers, Distinguished moment match argue with the act, while Taiz sacrifice and require men of a special style, both men put God bulk of the gaze in mind they provide on the order ole sacrifice for the people and the end of the docking sincere derived meaning noble to translate the situation to decision “.

“We’ve fought the last election under the banner of change that You called him, and we have your support and Maazrtkm by votes warmed the hearts of friends and infuriated the disease in their hearts, and the moment came to the elections endorsed by the Constitution, the nomination for the three presidencies, it is our right as a component of the election event that Ntsenm Presidency of the Council of Representatives In the new session, but the fulfillment of the people and fulfill the demands and rights of the provinces Almentvdh us insist not to participate in a government headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and demanded change and our work with the parties in the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance in order to change the prime minister as the beginning of a change policies have led our dear country into one crisis after another Even Iraq has become threatening division and loss. “

In all of this was the stated goal is to serve our people who have suffered from exclusion, marginalization and lack of balance, but they have become displaced and the displaced and persecuted without real capacity to distinguish between innocent citizens between terrorist groups and criminal.

And he finished by saying, “Today it’s time to harvest the results of efforts, it has become a change a requirement for parties to task and active in the National Alliance, and has become a requirement as president of the Kurdistan Alliance, even Pat Maliki aware that the inevitable nomination of a new President of the Council of Ministers there was only insisting on linking his exit from the presidency of the Council of Ministers and not his candidacy for a third term agreeing to not to run for the presidency of the new parliament, and despite what the demand of the bizarre and out the logic, I announced in front of a popular Iraqi decent, I say: I appreciate the high demands of brotherhood in the National Alliance, who believe that al-Maliki Egypt to hold on to the Council of Minister in the case of my candidacy for the presidency of the Council of Representatives, say, in recognition of them and in order to achieve the interests of the people and the nation and the defense of the oppressed and rights holders, came my decision that I will not transpire for the presidency of the Council, the aim of the change requires sacrifice and I approved loyal to my people and my family and national future. “

He concluded by saying, “O Holy People now feel that changing the curriculum suffered by the Iraqis soon became, I was always a project and never to sacrifice for the principles, values ​​and interests of the people and the homeland.”

The new parliament held its first session on Tuesday without the selection of the President of the Council of Representatives and his deputies and the President of the Republic and his deputies as well as the lack of resolution of the National Alliance candidate for the post of prime minister so far, and looking political blocs are now choosing candidates for those positions and it is hoped that the parliament holds its second meeting next Tuesday July 8 to resolve the current positions of the Republic and the Parliament and then choose the prime minister.

And taking the debate about Maliki’s nomination for a third session time-consuming and demanded that debates on this subject with the rejection of several parties for his nomination for a third term.

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