The Formation of Operating Rooms and Open Border Crossings to Import Goods

Trade: sell foodstuffs supported and run mills highest capacity Baghdad, Qassim Hilfi provincial correspondents morning formed the Ministry of Commerce crisis cell headed by Minister of Trade Khairallah Babiker Hassan and membership leaders ministry departments and affiliates to discuss precautionary measures to be taken in the work of the ministry in areas that entered terrorist organizations in the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin, as taken the provinces of central and southern measures, several to eliminate cases raise prices in their markets.material Mdaumaozyr Trade Khairallah Babiker Hassan said in a statement.

That the ministry would take measures include the provision of food and control of local markets and licenses Import granted for the import of food and the possibility of providing food subsidized sold in local markets and activate the control procedures on the market, in addition to precautionary measures other. confirmed Hassan during a meeting room operations on the need for teamwork and responsibility towards the suffering of Iraq and absorb all the problems and obstacles and difficulties facing work for the protection of food for the people of Iraq, directed food companies to expedite the distribution of the ration card items for this month to prevent price hikes and manipulation Bakot citizens and miss an opportunity to greedy monopolists, as well as directing private mills to produce flour zero backed to review the branches of granaries in all provinces to take over wheat Australian allocated for this purpose and direct the production of flour zero for local markets and ovens and bakeries immediately to fill the need. explained that the ministry is negotiating with some traders specialists for the supply of foodstuffs to the company supermarkets synonymous with the ration card to be sold to citizens at subsidized prices to curb rising prices in the domestic market, pointing out that The ministry raised the restriction for import licenses for certain foodstuffs and agricultural necessary coordination with the Ministry of Industry with open ports to import new instead of those stalled controlled by gangs terror.

Commodity prices for its part, confirmed the province of Karbala to take all deterrent penalties against those who raise the prices of goods Food and consumer goods. Chief Karbala Provincial Council Nassif Jassem rhetorical reporter «morning» Ali gesture: that the increase in food prices and construction in this phase, which is fighting with our military bands «Daash» criminal is in support of the enemy in addition to being an economic crime, noting that there will be legal prosecution for those who will raise the prices, the purpose of trading. among head of the Economic Committee in the Provincial Council Tariq Ktifah Kikhany «morning» that the local government formed two committees to monitor the movement of the market and their prices first follow the movement of prices in the wholesale markets and Alallop agricultural and other monitors the movement of prices in the markets of maintaining different , revealing the opening of the implementers with Iran in order to facilitate the entry of fresh food for local markets, adding that agricultural materials not scarcity where he will punish all those who raise food prices or fuel prices. secure materials , in turn, stressed the President of the Council of the province of Dhi Qar crescent Sahlani that The Islamic Republic has pledged to secure goods, foodstuffs and vegetables in the markets in the event of a shortage of such materials or high prices due to monopoly of some traders beneficiaries. said Sahlani told the reporter «morning» Hazem Mohammed Habib said several meetings got with the Consulate of Iran in Basra on that seen Dhi Qar and some provinces of the high prices and scarcity of certain materials due to the monopoly of traders because of security incidents in the country. ,

And pointed out that the Iranian consulate vowed to plunge the markets for goods and foodstuffs through the port Shalamjah border in the event of a shortage of such goods and materials or high prices and insurance needs adequate food and vegetables to dominate the market, indicating that the local government and in coordination with the Department of Economic Security has warned traders from taking advantage of the current situation and the monopoly of goods and food or raise their prices. outlet Zurbatiyah In Wasit, opened maintaining port Zurbatiyah border around the clock in front of all imported goods as compensation for ports other border, which closed because of security events. said the governor of Wasit Mahmoud Abdul Ridha Talal reporter «morning» Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi: that the local government obtained the approval of the Prime Minister telephoned open port Zurbatiyah border 24 hours a day in front of all the goods to all traders compensation for border crossings Other, He pointed out that the province has formed a committee to follow up the shops and businesses in anticipation of the exploitation of the current circumstances through the monopoly of the food.

Meanwhile, the Council decided to open a port graying maintaining the border with Iran in front of foodstuffs, vegetables and legumes without tariff. The deputy chairman of the Council Jawad al-Saadi in a press statement: that the decision was made ​​to fill the shortfall that may occur in the market as a result of the scarcity of certain materials had come from the provinces where there are now security situation is unstable., And added that the local government emphasized economic surveillance to follow the markets and stores traders to reduce From a practical monopoly of the materials needed by the citizens at this time for the purpose of the face of price manipulation or increased.

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