Saadi Optimistic Trading in the Stock Market

BAGHDAD – Farah pumice Although the circumstances of the country, and fears, which affected European stocks and the U.S. to record a decline recently, but the head of the Securities Commission, Dr. Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi showing optimistic movement of the Iraqi Stock Exchange, stressing that the whole has taken all measures and precautions in the event of any emergency.  Saadi described the circulation in the Iraqi market for securities as “normal and good”, as it confirms the “morning” that there is buying and selling of shares, and this means the availability of financial liquidity, and so the trading is good, although there is low for some stocks, but he in By contrast there is a high for the other other.  He added, “Despite the challenges and difficulties faced by Iraq, but the property rights guaranteed are not affected by the current crisis, both affected by the movement of stocks or not, which is guaranteed in more than one place, and that the authority has taken all the necessary measures during the current period.”

has ended the European indices trading weekend on the decline with the decline in the stock of British, along with low stocks of U.S. President, as investors worried by the turmoil in Iraq, and low morale in the market, there are fears of a rise in global oil prices. sees Saadi said any move global or a crisis in a particular country, the world oil prices witnessing changes, but it will not affect stock indexes are generally in Iraq, either for prices in general, they are affected because of people’s fears of a lack of liquidity and trading them and keep them. refers weekly report to the Stock Exchange that number of shares traded for the past week (6,217) billion shares traded at a value of (9,112) billion dinars executed through (2314) deal, has closed the Share Price Index (ISX Price Index) in the last session of the week b (101.15 points), As for the number of shares purchased from non-Iraqis have reached (430.377) million shares (1,807), and sold amounted to (822.211) million shares (1,603).

And the number of companies listed in the regular market 74 joint-stock company, rose during the hearings last week, the price of shares 4 companies among the 57 companies traded and still 6 companies parked decisions from the Securities Commission for failing to comply with instructions to say and submission of financial statements of the Authority and the market, and 4 companies parked for holding public bodies.

said al-Saadi said in press statements that the volume of trading in the market for securities Iraq for the first week of June, the current witnessed an increase compared with the first week of last month, indicating that the stability of the exchange rate of the dollar and the continuation of trade agreements, especially with foreign companies contributes to the high volume of trading in the market

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