Oil: No Reason to Panic and Production Available

Deterrent measures against the weak people BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb – Mustafa al-Hashemi, confirmed the Ministry of Oil continued processing of petroleum products to stations of fuel, in an effort to reduce the panic gratuitous that struck people as a result of recent events, while considered economic researcher weak people who have raised the prices of gas cylinders of being a fifth column plagued body of the country’s economy.  In this regard, said a spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said in an interview for the “morning”: that filling stations of all kinds receive shares rotating smoothly high without the existence of any defect in the matter, denying the existence of scarcity in any of the types of fuel as reported by some media, pointing out that the amount of liquid gas that is processed for distribution stations rose two days ago from the previous figures to provide fuel more demand and in order to limit the attempts of weak people who are pushing up prices for material gains. Jihad said that the work is going on as normal in the joints of the work of the ministry sectors of production and filtering, as well as distribution,
pointing to the conduct of trucks gas to residential neighborhoods to be close to the citizen, stressing that stockpiling large of all kinds of fuel and there was no shortage in the rates of storage.

pointed out that all the refineries in the center and south is working smoothly and produced in accordance with the Plans prepared by the ministry did not stop any of the production units.  Appealed Jihad local and municipal councils and provincial councils to work to reduce the exploitation of the weak people of the rumors and working to raise fuel prices without any justification, pointing to the importance of addressing those who try to exploit and influence in the economy of the Iraqi family.
to So said an official source at Midland Refineries Company that work is continuing in all refineries, the company deployed in Baghdad and central and energies productivity, specific, and that the production is natural and is receiving a distribution company, which is located upon themselves to deliver the products to the consumer.
and NVA source and the existence of any defect or deficiency in quantities produced or crude oil, which feeds the refineries, pointing out that the work is going Botaúr normal without any little flaw and over 24 hours a day.
pointed out that preparations are underway to announcement of new activities of the company during the next few days raise the productive capacities of the different types of fuel.  To the researcher said economic state fair that weak people are taking advantage of the panic among the citizens by the hearing false news to raise prices for everything in order to profiteering quick achieve this even if at the expense of their parents and relatives. Said in a statement to the (morning) they’re in this situation but trying to create confusion economical in the country aimed at to raise the prices of everything that has direct relevance to the lives of citizens. Noting that these could be considered members of the fifth column that affects the body of the country’s economy to serve the enemies of Iraq.
Meanwhile Abu Ali said Aqidi owner of a gas station civil: Sales of gas cylinders have been rising in the past two days, but the price did not go up the fact that the station is committed to the instructions of the Ministry of Oil as well as being subject to the control of the municipal council.

added (morning) that some of the street vendors of weak people may have to raise selling prices of gas cylinders as an act personal aim of profiteering and exploitation of the situation despite the fact that things are stable, indicating that there is a low turnout barely mentioned on the purchase of oil according to cards allocated to it. Confirmed the smooth flow of the arrival of trucks loaded with gas from a plant Taji, without delay, but the citizens are accustomed to that there is a state of panic when he heard the false news as a culture bad inherited from the previous regime. between Aqidi that the station going on sale and supply of petroleum products is the other going naturally, he said, adding that we as subjects of petrol stations civil eager to comply with the instructions and controls, hoping to follow the citizen rational policy and do not buy additional quantities of gas cylinders as well as taking into account the safety requirements in storage, particularly as we are in the summer. so she Citizenship Shaima walks :

Some sellers of gas roving can be considered dealers crises because they make their living situations of panic among the citizens and seek to exploit the worst conditions to revive their pockets at the expense of the poor and low-income people. appealed to the concerned officials in the government to punish them because they represent the merchants of haraam Sacred without vastly improved the conditions of ordinary people impaired financial resources. In the meantime, instructed the governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi, the owners leave to withdraw yards and vendors and bottles of gas in the event of wrongdoing instructions. Timimi said in a press statement, said that “there is no crisis in oil derivatives in the capital Baghdad.” The face of a legal hold them accountable in the event of violating the instructions.

was filling the gas company called, on Sunday, to the citizens not to believe rumors of shortages of cooking gas, while confirming pumping 160 thousand gas cylinder in Baghdad at a price of 4 thousand dinars.


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