Oil: An Unknown Destination Provides in Mosul Fuel

Baghdad Tariq al-Araji indicated estimates of the Ministry of Oil that stocks of fuel in the city of Mosul, was supposed to run out over the weekend, it was enough for three days only, as it has raised more than a question mark over those who believe in the fuel for the city controlling the gangs .  Many questions raised about how to secure the fuel elements terror which seized control of Mosul 5 days ago, after he said a senior source in the Ministry of Oil, “morning”: that the latest available information on stocks of fuel in the city of Mosul, was referring to the benzene there only enough for three days, and it is supposed to be stockpiling has now run out, and the stockpiling of material “Alcazawal” is limited and was supposed to run out during the past two days. He shared the source of citizens in their inquiries about the secret of the continued processing of derivatives in Mosul, pointing to the existence of hand what you are securing fuel for Daahien in the city. 

doubt the same haunted citizens about who is responsible for the supply of Mosul and oil derivatives, where he citizen Ahmed Abdul Hussein, 34, the “morning , “” The gangs  terrorist entered the city of Mosul, five days ago has been embraced these elements the city administration, “he said, adding that a city the size of Mosul require large amounts of various petroleum products such as gasoline and liquid gas and kerosene to ensure the operation of power stations and generators civil and wheels of various kinds, and wondered about the party that believes these elements the amount of fuel under stop pumping the center as a result of military operations. 

was shared citizen Saad Idan 44-year-old, in his inquiry about the organization, which supplies Daash and city oil derivatives, especially the elements have the wheels need to fuel it is Wayne secured to ensure the continuation of their work? . Citizen Mahmoud Jamal for 22 years, pointed out that it stops any refinery refineries big help in a crisis and queues across the country, inquiring about how they live in the city of Mosul currently for petroleum products after the cessation of operations transferred to it by the center, especially that it need not for the management of the wheels, but for the operation of power generators that supply the city with electricity.


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