Jordan: $ 850 Million for the Implementation of Projects in Transportation

Amman – Agencies said Minister of Planning of Jordan, Dr. Ibrahim Saif, the government allocated 850 million dollars for the implementation of «vital projects and strategy» in the transport sector, in the framework of the government’s plans for the development of this sector and to address the challenges faced. said Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of Jordan that this amount Part of the grant Gulf provided to Jordan, amounting to five billion dollars, that the contribution of each of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar by 1250 million dollars each. committed to these countries, with the exception of Qatar, to pay its contribution to the fund of the Gulf to support Jordan, have been linked to projects of priority.

The sword, during a workshop to assess the transport sector in Jordan, that the implementation of these projects is aimed to advance economic reform, and improve the performance of all sectors of the national economy, leading to economic and social development, pointing out that the projects to be implemented in terms of improved roads, and the creation of lines for buses rapid between the cities of Amman, Zarqa and others. said that the transport sector plays a major role in the Jordanian economy, where contribute including representing 12 percent of GDP, and is working to recruit about 10 percent of the labor force in Jordan. facing the Jordanian economy several challenges, most notably the high budget deficit estimated for the current year by about 1.5 billion dollars, and the burden of the energy bill, which accounts for about 25 percent of GDP, where Jordan imports its needs of crude oil and petroleum products from abroad at world prices.

pointed sword to the high percentage of people who rely on public transportation in Amman during the past three years, where it is used 47 percent of the population of the capital Amman and public transport, compared to 43 percent only in 2004. expected that the percentage of users of public transport by the year 2015 to 65 percent of the population in the Jordanian capital. and increased private car ownership at a fixed rate, and reached to about 124 cars per 1,000 people in the last period, up from 106 cars per 1,000 people in 2008. also increased private car ownership increased by 114 percent in 17 years (1990 to 2007), or an average of 6.7 percent annually. and exceed this percentage increase rate the population in urban areas, an average of 3.3 percent as greater than the increase in private car ownership in Jordan, other countries in the Middle East and North Africa at 2.5 percent.

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