Improved Power supply Reduces the Expenses of Citizens

Expert confirms the need for the owners of generators prices specified Baghdad – the joy of pumice with improved processing power supply compared to previous years, he found citizens that this improvement has led to cost-cutting them, and that was to strain their shoulders to save energy, especially after the processing of the oil ministry generator owners kerosene FREE, leads to higher their level of living, but economists linked to the commitment of prices set by local governments.

consultant in industrial development and investment Amer Jeweler calls for the Ministry of Electricity to resolve the file of electric power during the current year, saying that the Iraqi people are still suffering, to be regarded as the bleeding financially and psychologically, as urges at the same time the next government put this file as a priority, and consider all aspects.

added jeweler in his speech for the “morning” that the file of electric power consists of three episodes are the production, transport and distribution, indicating that the problem lies in the method of transmission and distribution, so it has to be work efficiently and significant professional in this sector.

Regarding the drop in expenses citizen on electric power is believed consultant to have negligible effect on the citizen does not improve the status of living, especially that the citizen bears the burden of indispensable as a result of shortening true in this area, indicating that the electrical power believes many of the necessities of life, including safety, development and revitalization of the economy and the standard of living of individuals, stressing at the same time to hold negligent owners of generators and is committed to pricing local governments or failure processing hours agreed upon, especially that there are provinces suffer from interruptions continuous electric power, especially with the advent of the summer season and warmer heat.

either interested in economic affairs Khaled al-Tamimi sees the improvement of electric power lately, and to provide the owners of generators with fuel free has linked to lower expenses citizen and support the economy of the family for a specific period, but it also affects negatively on the economy of the country, to import fuel for the generation of electric power stations of countries abroad .

said Tamimi, “morning” that he improved warned, citing it to previous experiences announced by the Ministry of Electricity production is stable and covers from 18 to 20 hours a day. calls into serious stand when the reality of the production for a full year, indicating that the volatility in the processing of citizens’ energy Electric confirms that the power stations that were created after 2003 were not in accordance with the required specifications and approved in the countries of the world, where they rely on to run on fuel at high cost to the contrary stations sophisticated and accredited regionally and globally, and which works to cheaper fuels (black oil), which does not leave Remnants adversely affect the environment.

For his part, Hassan Mohammed of the inhabitants of the district of Justice for “morning,” said pocket money on electricity during the summer season, the current is less than last year after a marked improvement in the hours of processing, as well as determine the price of AMP electricity for generators civil , which led to a relative improvement in the level of living.

either citizen Karrar Saad of the inhabitants of the area Husseiniya has confirmed the failure to equip his area of energy, according to data from the Ministry of Electricity, which led to employers generators civil to obtaining the sums over the inadequacy of free fuel supplied by the provincial council.
Yet Van Saad says: “The expenses decreased somewhat from what was devoted to energy saving during the past years.

, in turn, said Citizenship Suad Joseph improve electric power following a well in the monthly expenses for her family, despite the fact that her family consisting of three people (she and her son and husband) all staff and they have obligations and make them functional spend a day in their constituencies.

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