Ports Announce the Arrival of Two Ships to Combat Oil Pollution

Baghdad – and babysit – announced the General Company for Ports of Iraq, for two ships to join the fight against oil pollution to its fleet of specialized vessels, and the anticipation of spills from marine pipelines and tankers that export of Iraqi oil.

The director of the Department of Information and Public Relations in the company Tigers net that “the company has become owns two ships to combat marine pollution caused by oil spills are the ship (Sepah 1) and ship (Sepah 2), the total length per 50 meters,” noting that “the two ships were Tsnaahma according to modern specifications in Turkey in favor of the General Company for Ports, has Rasta after their arrival next to the pier (21) in the northern port of Umm Qasr. “

He Net that “the goal of owning the vessels is prepared to deal with any incidents of pollution has witnessed Iraqi waters in the future due to the export of oil,” adding that “the two ships were Hraahma in light of the recommendation of the committee supervising the national plan to combat oil spills, and the arrival of the two ships to be Our company has complied with about 60% of the Altazamtha and commitments of the Commission “


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