Involved: The Flour is Available and Sufficient Inventories

No queues in front of furnaces also mourn BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb Farah pumice He denied a number of citizens and official bodies and the existence of any deficiency in the flour, which represents food head on the table, Iraqi, arguing to provide this material in large quantities with a balance in supply and demand sustained without the existence of any defect, and had launched a malicious rumors indicating that there is a scarcity of flour and materials Other food due to military operations.

Miss the Opportunity

owner of a factory for the production of flour, west of Baghdad, said that the government’s decision to run the mills civil missed opportunity on the rioters rumors that there is a lack of food, pointing out that the rates of production of flour stable and a large display and there is no defect in this regard .
pointed out that work is continuing to produce kinds of flour different which are processed to agents flour, as well as flour zero which is used in ovens Alsamun and pastries.

Rates Rising

and added in an interview (morning) that grain of wheat the main source for the production of flour available in large quantities in the stores and there is no any shortage, as the plant continues production of natural and with the same staff, but that the rates of production rising without any defect in this aspect.
between the processing agents flour according to schedules regular has not been altered, pointing to the importance reassure citizens that there is no shortage of amounts allocated to it through quota and which are processed into ovens Alsamun, noting that the lab received the quota allocated to it from the grain of wheat completely.

Prices Fixed

either Ahmed Ugaili owner of a shop selling flour in the area Ibrahim Ben Ali near the Square military operations occur (morning) saying that talking about a lack of material flour is not true, as the article is available in this region and in large quantities exceed demand. between that prices did not rise to limit that makes the citizen concerned, but there are slight rise where we offer bag of flour (50 kg) b (25) thousand dinars, but now it has risen to ( 26) thousand dinars.

Malicious Rumors

Mohamed Abdel Rahman, the owner of oven Samun pointed out that the flour available in the wholesale markets and we receive large quantities and there is no defect in the provision of this article’s main food of the citizen and that can not be dispensed with in everyday life. He said that the citizens seemed to distrust rumors launched with the aim of creating a state of confusion and fear of food shortages and this can we touch the level of demand, which did not increase from what it was a month ago from now.

Commerce Denies

to the NVA official source at the Ministry of Commerce and the existence of any lack of substance flour and ration distributed according to tables prepared for this matter.
said that the guidance useful to expedite the distribution of food ration on the citizens, pointing out that stores the ministry provide the necessary quantities of grain plants producing flour nor fear in this matter.
demand stable

while she Citizenship Zainab al-Tai said rumors indicating that there is a crisis in the availability of flour, which is food as president in the lives of the Iraqi family, but the reality of the situation is just that, and walking around in cities, districts and towns find is just that, where you find that the ovens Alsamun bread exposure quantities usual demand and stable has not changed.
and followed-Tai it came from Diyala province, yesterday I watched this thing by passing more than the city and spend and did not touch any deficiency in this article, and the city, which launches the rumors have not deterred citizen who became aware of the goal.
, for its part, urged an economic expert, Dr. Peace Sumaisem makers decision in the country to send messages of reassurance to the citizens regarding the food, especially flour and goods that fill their need.

Market Issues

and explained Sesame “morning” that the active ingredient in the market issues and dealing is “an expectation”, as is the case in all countries of the world are In general, the increase or decrease in the quantities of raw materials and foodstuffs, or high and low prices in the global markets based on expectations and indicators. As for the Iraqi people, it is afraid of the scarcity of food from the market because of the situation faced by the country, according to the expert, as calls to reassure the public and foil the negative impact of the expectations and rumors, especially to increase the rumors based on the expectations of public speaking situation of rising prices, especially that there an increase in the demand for goods during the present time. either owner ovens light in the area Suleikh stressed the increasing demands of citizens to Alsamun both types (bituminous and electric) during the past two days, has been safe all their applications with ease pointing to the availability of flour in abundance in the market at reasonable prices, calling in at the same time the citizens to not to believe the rumors that make some weak souls of traders are taking advantage of the crisis faced by the country and therefore have a negative impact on the citizen.
encountered and the Ministry of Commerce, the owners of the mills civil own produce flour zero-backed, local markets and furnaces immediately.

said a ministry statement said that “the ministry and directed the owners of the mills for the production of flour civil zero-backed, to review the branches (silos) to the provinces, to take over the Australian wheat, flour and direct the production of zero-backed local markets and furnaces immediately.

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