Kubaisi: No Shortage of Agricultural Crops and Food Products

BAGHDAD – morning confirmed Foundation businessmen agricultural Iraqis lack a shortage of agricultural crops in local markets, pointing out that the country produces a lot of important crops that cover the need of the market season in particular.

Foundation President Yasser al-Qubaisi said in an interview for the “morning”: The institution shall ensure the provision of all crops produced locally or those that are imported from outside the country, and there is no fear in this regard as it is available capabilities needed to maintain the flow of supply and demand balanced in our local markets. He added that the country is in dire need to unite everyone in order to maintain the stability of the local market and all of its farmer demands to work to increase production and the markets should not be affected by rumors tendentious fired by a fifth column.

called Kubaisi citizens not to go to store food in large quantities, the market is local will not be affected by the military operations brainstormed organizations Daash terrorist, noting she and commercial stores and stores the state maintains a large stock, as well as to import a continuous material produced outside the country will not get any flaw in it.

And pointed out that the institution provides a large fleet of tanker trucks to transport goods and products and agricultural crops to all cities of the country.


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