The Conduct of Trucks for the Distribution of Gas Cylinders Between Citizens

Baghdad – and babysit – confirmed Gas Filling Company under the Ministry of Oil on the Elimination of common scarcity of gas liquid after the lifting capacity and distribution to 200 percent from the average of the original, with cert trucks distributed gas cylinders of liquid between citizens in residential neighborhoods to cut the road in front of the promoters of rumors and manipulation of agents .

General Manager of the company, Dr. Hamid Yunis Saleh said in a press statement that the company has very large amounts redundant operations suffer from a lack of storage reservoirs adequate, equivalent to weaken the share of the province of Baghdad, also can clog the pump amounts requested 200 percent above the need.

He said the production since hour launch common false last Thursday that there is a shortage of gas liquid so far raised the capacity daily to 200 percent, adding that what happened is affected citizens in the rumors and orientation in one go and the timing of the one-to-distribution stations of what kind of momentum on stations as a result of increased demand for liquid gas and there is no scarcity of the product.

He added that the company has extended the time laboratories from three o’clock in the afternoon to six in the evening three days ago to coincide with the lifting of its pro   duction capacity to 200 percent to make way for agents receipt of the product more than once and distribute it among the citizens and any amount he wants, stressing that the company rest assured citizens that the liquid gas available in huge quantities. Salih noted that the need for the province of Baghdad daily up to 80 000 cylinders per day, while the processing company now to 160 000 gas cylinder at a rate of twice the daily need ready and packed and ready for delivery, including covers need the people of Baghdad that the more than seven million people.

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