Iraq and Belarus Discuss Activating the Private Sector

Baghdad – and babysit – Search Iraq’s ambassador Haidar Mansour virgins in Belarus, on Tuesday, at the headquarters of the National Agency for Investment in Minsk with the head of the agency Nekandrova Natalia Mikha├║ilova and a number of members of the ways how to activate the private sector in Iraq and Belarus through the promotion of business men and women and Iraqi investors and Belarusians to visit Baghdad and Leninsk in order to see the business opportunities available.

For its part, head of the agency expressed Nekandrova Natalia Mikha├║ilova, willingness to extend invitations to businessmen and businesswomen and Iraqi investors in order to see the investment opportunities available in the Belarus national Olokul will receive them and accompany them while they were in Belarus and to provide all the facilities. In this regard, the ambassador said Haider Mansour virgins that “the embassy will support businessmen and businesswomen and investors Belarusians by facilitating visas for them and coordination with the national investment in Iraq to receive them and brief them on the latest opportunities and provide all the facilities for them.”

He virgins, that “it was agreed to coordinate efforts between the embassy and the National Agency for the provision of all facilities for businessmen and businesswomen and investors from both countries.

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