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Commission confirmed receiving 86 complaints red and green Baghdad, Omar Abdel Latif revealed the Electoral Commission for elections that the results of the legislative elections will be on the 25th of this month, and that the count will expire within the next five days, as reported the existence of 13 complaints a red special election Parliament in 2014 and the provincial councils of the Kurdistan region. said Vice President of the Board of Commissioners Kata Zobaie in a press statement yesterday.

The counting process will end in the sub-centers after five days from now, and will transform the ballot boxes and results to the National Center for data entry, stressing that «the announcement of election results will be on the 25th of this month », and this was confirmed by a member of the Board of Commissioners UNHCR spokesman, who pointed to the possibility of shortening the time and the results were announced during the next three weeks, rather than the duration of the month. Moussawi said in a statement singled out by the« morning .

 The total number of complaints received by the Commission so far reached 1064 complaint from the vote abroad, and private and public for the parliamentary elections in 2014 and elections provinces of the region of the three that took place at the same time, pointing out that this figure could rise on the grounds that the complaints received by the Centers counting is still going on. Among the remaining number of Complaints class to 73 complaint green while the remaining number of such complaints is yellow. classified electoral complaints into three types are yellow and is less harmful species which usually are set by the Board of Commissioners being lacks the presence of the evidence, and the second green and the need to audit by the Office of conservative and after them presented to the Board of Commissioners to make a vital decision which could affect the outcome of the election or not, either red shall be taken by the same procedures that take the complaint green but certain to affect the election results.

His part, said a member of the Board of Commissioners, Judge pleasure Abdul Hantoush Alheitawi in a statement singled out the “morning”: that the Board of Commissioners formed in each event special committees classification of complaints received by the Commission, as identified in this election 5 committees head of each headed by a member of the Board of Commissioners, noting that those complaints were distributed among the committees to be classified into Yellow, green and red according to each one of them. added Alheitawi that the Commission has developed a new mechanism not to the exclusion of the ballot box in full in the event of a complaint red against him, noting that the “barcode” is installed on the ballot paper, which is proven in a check can be inferred from the ‘What rags in This leaves the station and the exclusion of non-conforming to the conditions and specifications accredited to the Commission and the preservation of the rest of the voices of political entities. 

Other details Ezzat Electoral Commission for elections delayed announcement of results of the legislative elections in 2014 to its commitment to the duration Legal constant can not be overcome, and as called for political blocs not to squeeze it and urgency to declare the results, hinted at the possibility of shortening the time and the results were announced during the next three weeks instead of the duration of the month. member of the Board of Commissioners chroma-Moussawi, spokesman for the commission, said in a statement singled out by the «morning»: The «the Commission is seeking to complete all procedures for counting and sorting for the purpose of announcement of the results on time», adding that «the law of parliamentary elections 2014 No. 45 for the year 2014 committed the Commission to conduct operations counting seconds in addition to counting and sorting that takes place in polling stations ». added that «the Commission initiated through the centers, which opened in all the provinces of the 60 centers conducting counting second», indicating that «the process is going down to the completion of these operations in all provinces, and the introduction of results forms to the Centers input on a regular basis with as many of the forms.

Expressed Moussawi hope in short time a little bit and the presence of facilities in this subject as if the number of complaints a little or speed up the judiciary resolving appeals and complaints to shorten the time , hinting at the possibility that there will be announcement early results in three weeks instead of a month, noting that the periods of time that have been found in the law that should be taken into account and with it there will be a time limit for the announcement of the results. , it called a member of the Board of Commissioners Judge pleasure Alheitawi political entities to lack of urgency and pressure on the Commission to speed up the announcement of the results being operated in accordance with the law and Systems announced during the last term that it requires time may take 2030 days.said, that «the Commission can not exceed centers re-counting in the said election law», pointing that «these operations take of 1014 days, considering that the Commission has more than 56 000 station between the voting public and private and out, what requires to be processes of re-counting according to strict measures need time».

Said Alheitawi to «the presence of extended legal UNHCR can not be overcome such as allocating two days to lodge complaints to the Commission’s procedures inside the polling stations, and after these complaints go to the committees formed in the Board of Commissioners for the purpose of classification for consideration and verification and deciding which to issue a decision by the Council », indicating that« this process takes by law 5 days entitled Beyond political entity to appeal the decision of the Board of Commissioners after announcing a three-day official newspapers and given three more days of political entities to appeal after the publication of the last announcement and this added 6 days for the duration of the preceding, and then you go these appeals in the event of damage to the political entity of the challenge in front of the judiciary, according to the Law Commission, the that body consider these appeals for a period of 10 days and therefore there are texts in the electoral law and the Commission takes almost 20 days », stressing that those laws« constant »and can not be bypassed or change it. , it’s office said Egypt’s elections it ended on Monday of the screening process The count of ballot boxes Iraqi voters in Cairo, where the process began yesterday morning on the instructions of the Electoral Commission in Baghdad. said Director of the Office of Egypt’s elections Hassan Salman in a statement.

The process of counting has easily and in cooperation with the Egyptian authorities, which have secured all centers electoral five in Egypt », indicating that« will hold a press conference on Tuesday to announce the election results after sent to Baghdad and audited by the office ». referred to as it was set up five polling stations for the Iraqi community in Egypt 3 in Cairo, Alexandria and Mansoura has made ​​the Iraqi community ballots On 26 and 27 of the last month.

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