Daash” Studying “prohibition” of the Syrian Pound

“Baghdad / obelisk: newspaper As-Safir, that the activists close to the organization,” Daash “had leaked the news is not about military actions and developments, which waged Daash with other factions, but the leak this time comes the news of an economic, as asserted that the organization looking with muftis and Men Dean issued a fatwa prohibition dealing in Syrian pounds.

Said an activist from the tribe of nodules in Deir ez-Zor told the newspaper that “the leadership of the Islamic State instructed to muftis and clerics affiliates study the causes and obligations which should be built by issuing a fatwa prohibiting dealing in Syrian pounds”, pointing to the existence went serious with “Daash” issued this fatwa calling the prohibition and prevention of dealing in Syrian pounds in the areas it controls.

According to the leak, which was made in a number of activists close to the “Daash”, the «” decision prohibition on dealing in Syrian pounds, stems from two things: first, to exert pressure on the Syrian regime because prevent the lira will leave a negative impact on the economy of this system, which suffers mainly from the difficulties large, noting that continue to deal in Syrian pounds in what they called “the territory of the Islamic state,” intending regions control in tenderness and east of Aleppo and the countryside-Hasakah, enhances the strength of the Syrian pound and thus the strength of the system, so it was not necessary to deprive the system of this free service .

The second, and most importantly, the leadership of the “Islamic state” is planning to complete the steps that will demonstrate that it “state” and not mere “regulation” as accused by opponents, nor shall any State to deal in the currency of its enemies, a reference to the Syrian regime.

He did not say activists What is the currency alternative, which will be handled by “Daash” in the case prevented the Syrian pound, but Expectations are three possibilities: either the Iraqi currency, or the dollar, or create a special coin to “Islamic state” which is unlikely given the difficulties and obstacles which shift between “Daash” and print its own currency, because that requires legal procedures and agreements with the printing presses of the currency abroad, which is not available for “Daash” which is classified as a terrorist organization.

Observers believe that it can not “Daash” to take such a step in practice, if approved fatwa prohibiting the Syrian pound in theory, pointing out that all the staff of tenderness are still receiving their salaries from the government in Damascus Syrian pounds even today, through banks in the Deir ez-Zor or Al-Hasakah, in addition to other obstacles related to dealing in the vicinity of the trade does not deal only in Syrian pounds, so it is unlikely that the resort “Daash” to take this step, because it will pay tens of thousands of employees and dealers to defend their livelihood.


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