Oil Crisis Between Baghdad and Erbil

Transparency demand basis to all parties .. And Washington objects to export without the approval of Baghdad, Irbil Shirzad Shaikhani despite Prime Government of the Territory Barzani before parliamentary and municipal elections last took place during the last week to proceed with the sale of oil in the region, the source to Turkey, but it seems that many obstacles stand in the way of this process. 

Baghdad government has called on the region to enter into negotiations in order to resolve the critical node oil crisis, which raises a storm between the two governments since the government announced its position calling for the region to export its oil to the Turkish ports controlled separately from the federal authorities, which in turn see that the export process violation to the Constitution, since that, according to the Iraqi constitution is supposed to be the federal government are fully aware of export operations, quantity and Akiemha and the fate of its revenues, and these things are still KRG refuses to disclose, and this was also confirmed by a leading party Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by President Jalal Talabani, recalling just Murad Chairman The Central Council of the National Union in an exclusive statement »Sabah» that the National Union will not accept any export large quantities of oil from the Kurdistan region without coordination with the federal authorities and in accordance with the constitutional provisions relating to the process of the sale of oil ». 

Murad said »must know the volume of exports, and at what price are sold, and where to deposit returns, in the sense that there will be complete transparency and clear for the sale of oil from Kurdistan, and must be oil revenues at the disposal of the Ministry of Finance the region in order to coordinate with the Federal Ministry of Finance to determine our share of those revenues and exports, and this is what is stipulated in the Constitution, which everyone must abide by and respect it ».pointed head of the Central Council of the National Union »that in future meetings of the Parliament of Kurdistan will be the first task for Ktltna parliamentary is the pursuit of transparency, the issue of oil, in addition to the the issue of re-draft constitution of the territory proposed to the parliament, because we are the light of these issues, and we agreed to extend the presidency of Mr. Massoud Barzani for two years, and therefore affirm that without full transparency for the sale of oil will not accept the export of any amounts because these people’s wealth is supposed to be devoted to the service of the citizen ». 

Asked about his position on the justification for the Government of the region, which invoke the export of oil to secure the salaries of its employees, said Murad »Why did not spare part from the proceeds of the quantities exported previously to secure it, we do not object to the use of our financial resources to serve the citizens and the payment of salaries and improve their living conditions, but is supposed to be done transparency within the framework of the rights recognized in the constitution ». seal Murad concluded:» must be the National Union henceforth fully aware of all exports and imports will not accept to keep our resources at the disposal of a specific destination in isolation informed others and is supposed to be the process transparently ». 

Hand Last oppose the administration turn on the export of Kurdish oil in isolation from the consent of the federal government in Baghdad, as confirmed deputy State Department spokesman »that the administration objected to the export of Kurdish oil without the approval of the federal authorities, and there must be complete agreement between the two governments in this regard». Objections internal and external played a role in the pressure on Turkey to stop the efforts of the Government of the Territory to sell quantities currently stored Turkish port of Ceyhan. has already Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz that alluded to the possibility of starting the sale of Kurdish oil stocks this week, but Turkey still hesitant in this regard.

Said Yildiz  Turkey has completed all preparations for the start of the sale of Kurdish oil, and currently there are quantities of one million and 800 thousand barrels stored at Ceyhan pending the final decision of the Government of the Territory to begin selling in touch with the leadership of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, who leads the Government of the Territory declined to comment on his party’s position-finals of the process export of oil and said «morning» that there is a decision of the party leadership not to interfere with the work of the Government of the Territory, and in matters relating to the sale and export of oil must contact officials in the Ministry of Natural Resources who are authorized to declare this issue »but« morning »tried to contact the Minister of Natural Resources and adviser ministry to investigate Last attitudes in this regard, but not one of them responded to our contacts.


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