Reference Saadi Denied Boycotting the Elections Because there is Significant Damage to the Sunnis

Baghdad (news) .. Decreed religious authority, Sheikh Abdul-Malik al-Saadi, prohibiting the county election on Wednesday, because the damage to the Sunnis and its impact on their presence in Parliament and the next government. 

Said al-Saadi said in a statement sent by the Agency (news): It ‘ received during the past few hours several communications concerning participation in the parliamentary elections’. Added: it is through communication with the elders (the Mufti of Iraq Rafie al-Rifai, Sheikh Ahmed al-Qubaisi, Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Taha and scientists in the complex Method) and then trading them in the Iraqi issue and the position of it, taken the final opinion follows, that:

‘In view of the interests of the consequences of participating in the elections, and the great damage that shows us the boycott because of their effect in the absence of the Sunnis from the parliament and the government and the enactment of important laws, so we decide should participate in the parliamentary elections, and the sanctity of the boycott, and work under the This fatwa issued by other distinguished scientists. ‘ 

And recommended Saadi: ‘need to know to choose from the safety of his faith and his goodness and his service to the people of the year and not giving priority to the interest on their interest’.

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