Maliki: The Lack of Red Lines on Future Alliances

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to leave the differences of the past, stressing the lack of red lines on alliances with any political party. Maliki said while casting his vote: that the process of the special ballot has achieved great success, better than the previous election, referring to the that there are those who have said that the government will not be able to check the success of the voting process and threatened terror at the same time that he would strike the Iraqi people, but they have forgotten that the Iraqis are determined to participate in the elections because it is their future and guarantee for the life of their country. 

Called: the people that go heavily to the polls in order to give the reply message and laminate for people with disabilities in the political process, he said, and improve the selection of the list and individual candidate is good choice necessity for the success of the state – building process. While Maliki called lists and blocs participating in the elections because the left past the behind and moving toward the state – building process> and wished the Prime Minister of the UNHCR, the anticipation process election in the form warned the Ptdel devices in the event of disrupted, pointing out that there are those who want to disable the devices of some lists and candidates are betting on the process of bugs out, but the Commission is able to fix it. 

Maliki said the government majority is entrusted with the administration of the country, noting that the alliances the next is not the red line with any party from the lists that win, but there are controls have been developed for those who accept to be our ally.

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