Sinead: A Coalition of State Law Put a Red Line on the Alliance With the United Because They Did not Condemn Terrorism

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: MP for the coalition of state law, Hassan Sinead, Wednesday, that the coalition puts a red line on the alliance with the bloc united, because she did not in any condemnation of terrorism. Said Sinead’s “Tomorrow’s Press,”

“The first axis in our alliances to form a government coming from the face of terrorism and believes in our program electoral and be the spirit of national high in its condemnation of terrorism. ” And added that “alliances are open for us and for all and we do not have a red line only on the block are united, because we have not touched them any condemnation or a clear stance against terrorism.”

Referred to the election Parliamentary their general form was launched today the 30th of April with the participation of 39 political coalition deal of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, as well as 244 political entities from all over the country and with the participation of 9040 candidates competing for 328 seats, while confirming the Electoral Commission for elections, it will start counting and sorting upon the completion of the process The voting results will be announced as soon as the completion of the counting process.

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