Picture: The Citizen is Harmed Most of the Non-Adoption of the Budget

Resulted in the delay to block projects BAGHDAD – Shkran Fatlawi warned an economist from the effects of a failure to approve the budget on the Iraqi economy, both in regard to the expenditure of ongoing or the application of the laws that have been taken in the previous session of Parliament, and on the subject of retirement and salary increase or project ¬ępetro-five dollars}
base basic

He d. Majid picture of the “morning” is a budget base essential to the economy of any country being allocated in order to achieve economic stability and support issues of prejudice to the community so it will be affected most of the non-approval is a citizen by increasing the rate of unemployment and poverty.

blocking projects

and added that the picture “of the private sector suffers also from the delay in approving the budget because of its effect in blocking economic development projects in general what casts a shadow on all the joints of life and lead to increased unemployment and increasing poverty rate, by raising big in the suspension of projects and lack of completion as well as operating “factor multiplier” as a result of lack of reimburse contractors in relation to the projects under implementation.

financing of projects

and pointed out that there are “a lot of existing projects and ongoing and that there is a financing increases the burdens and obligations of the State direction of these projects in terms of cost and in terms of fines, which can be realized as a result of lack of implementation of these projects.

large accumulations

He Suri said that “approving the budget income in the maze of very big in the year 2014 as a result of political conflicts and not putting the interest of the nation and citizens, explaining that” the budget for this year is different from previous years because it represents the accumulation of very large problems are not resolved not partly not radically so entered the budget difficulties that can not be accessed with positive results for the benefit of the Iraqi citizens, and economic development, but to solve the basic problems drastically.
Financial Management

and on the disposal of the government in the case of delay in approving the budget, said the picture that, according to the Financial Administration Act can drag from the operating budget by 1.12 is the completion of the year this figure, but in this case can not meet all the processes and private development projects as well as to stop the sale and purchase, import and export shall affect the institutions of the state adversely foreshadowing the occurrence of depression may harm the country’s economy in general.


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