Examine the Mechanisms of Making the Perfect Investment for the Oil Sector

Beirut – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb  examining the number of specialists and civil society organizations and the media the economic foundations for the governance of oil and gas, and included discuss the mechanics of investing in the oil and gas sector, and the best ways to employ them in achieving sustainable development in the producing countries, as well as address the issue of the creation of clear laws to achieve the best investment oil economically viable. said head of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies Dr. Roland Rayashi in an interview for “morning,” said the forum was devoted to the discussion of the reality of natural resource management in the presence of representatives from Iraq, Libya and Tunisia in addition to Lebanon to discuss a number of important things in the forefront of the fundamentals of the oil and gas and challenges.

As well as the legal framework and its role In making investments idealism, as well as the roles and responsibilities in the specific sector and distribution rights as well as the financial system, as well as the rules of revenue management and boxes of natural resources. , and pointed out that the forum, which was organized in cooperation between the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies and the Institute of monitoring revenues also focus on the relationship of oil revenues to economic development sustainable and employ revenue to achieve the renaissance of productivity, as well as the role of the oil contracts in raising production and the development of local expertise.  pointed to the need to stand up when the global demand for crude oil during the coming years

Especially with the discovery of oil shale and employ advanced technology to production, as well as the stages of the development of oil production The invader from the stage of research and evaluation, development, and down to the production, transport, stressing the importance of following up the global market for this article and the level of demand was available on the amount of oil produced in the world and demand that offset. Among the participants were discussing the subject of a mechanism Todev oil wealth to serve future generations and how it must be consumption Current.  


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