Lebanon’s Experience Closest to the Reality of the Iraqi Banks

¬†Analytical vision Baghdad Yasser incumbent advised economists need to take advantage of the global and regional experiences that have passed the same conditions that have wracked the country in the search for solutions to intractable faced by the Iraqi economy. told me one day, the Iraqi banking Sheikh Abdul Aziz Hassoun for Lebanese banking experience, where he owns the country’s most efficient global expertise and proven to overcome the economic difficulties as a result of war and its consequences and implications, and drove out the country from the brink, how?

Hassoun, trying to bring the picture and clarified in this regard, he asked me about how to help the down-one of the two men? Astvzni question the fact that at the beginning of it, and I felt that the answer is simple, what motivated him? But soon Astdrki and tried to lured the man to know the motives beyond question I answered him by giving him a “walking stick,” he said what do you think a broken man second solution?, When then realized that the same man to express something inside it, and the question was “a joke” to be out of it to develop solutions in perspective. at the exit of Lebanon from its crisis, which exceeded the twenty-year-old left behind a lot of problems in the areas of loss of projects and the losses suffered by the debt that burdened their owners and that led to trying to sell everything in order to repay them but clear what happened?

Says Hassoun said Lebanese banks and as Roy has stopped This deterioration through its initiative to lend to entrepreneurs and private interests and traceable after hired her to repay the debt and thus contributed to lift the country’s economy out of the abyss and the restoration of life for all projects and those are working and producing in spite of all the circumstances that befell them and with Astmraralzerov complex, but Lebanon rebuilt initiatives of its banks to maintain stabilize the economy with all the crises that passed out and even financial crises and economic crisis did not affect the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound. intended to display this puzzle for Lebanon’s experience in dealing with crises economic They experienced the same conditions experienced by the country and still despite the reverse is to confirm what called and calling him Braalaguetsad to look at international experiences close to the reality and conditions with the aim of restoration and building our economy to the fullest.

And in this regard it is necessary to focus on the role that could be played by Iraqi banks in the economy out of its problems, and this role must be reflected in the treatment of crises pass out some unprofitable banks and help them promote the role instead of breaking her leg a second to impose guardianship or liquidation but to lift the load and that the people of banks first solving the problems of their colleagues and then work together to solve the problems of the economy society does Sistfik hibernate from their sleep, and a lesson in this puzzle is how to address down-one of the two men with his isnaad “Bekazh” to Apeixr second man.


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