Najaf Specialty [1.5] Billion Dinars for Paving and road Paving

[Najaf where]

Allocated the reconstruction of the province of Najaf [1.5] billion dinars, for paving and paving the road between the intersection of Indian Street and north of Najaf, Karbala along the [2000] m, the duration of completion [150] days.

The head of the Department projects the municipality of the northern part of the morning Shahid, told all of Iraq [where], “The Commission embarked on a project clothing and paving the street linking the intersection of Indian Street and Karbala passing through the neighborhood of Mecca, north of Najaf along the [2000] m, and at a cost of [1.5] billion dinars, and the duration of the completion of [150] days. “

He continued, “This allocation of budget monitoring the development of regions, the project includes the streets and parking service parking and planting medians and side.”

It is noted that Najaf Investment Commission had announced earlier that they were given [207] investment licenses, at a cost of seven billion dollars distributed between the tourism sector and the industrial and residential, education, health and electricity.

And continue the reconstruction of Najaf province, paving and clothing main and branch roads, as well as water and sanitation projects and drainage corridors.

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