Oil: We’re going After those Who are Involved in Dealing with the Kurdish oil Smuggled Out of Iraq

Confirmed that the Ministry of Oil, Sunday, that the marketing of Iraqi oil extracted from fields in the Kurdistan region of Iraq without the consent of the government and the oil ministry federal constitutional violation explicit and overcome glaring federal authority and validity, indicating that it would hunt down those who become mired in dealing with the oil province of Kurdistan getaway from Iraq.

The ministry said in a statement received “tomorrow’s Press,” “The Practice of the Kurdistan region caused damage to the economy and the federal budget, and that leads him some officials in the Government of the Territory of rationalizations and justifications illogical and unrealistic about having to oil marketing beyond the borders of ways and mechanisms of illegal talk is not precise aims to distort the facts and jamming on our citizens in the region in particular and Iraq in general. “

and added that “in order to uncover the truth in front of our citizens all, the oil ministry and through the experience of the days and previous years, confirm that the Government’s commitment to the region of their obligations to the Iraqi people and the federal government and not honoring promises made ​​by the representatives of the Government of the Territory in meetings and dialogues that let them sincerely in pursuit of us to heal the rift and bridge the gap that they were trying to expand insisting on the non-disclosure of their activities oil and refusing to deliver revenue to the federal treasury over the past years (2010, 2011, 2012.2013 ), which exceeded the value of about $ 119.70, in addition to the losses of 2014, which estimated up to 31 of the month of May last more than six billion. “

and predicted the ministry statement said that “up losses remaining months of the year 2014 approximately (8,400) and thus the total losses incurred by the Iraqi economy more than (34) Thirty-four billion dollars. ” the statement noted that “in addition to not declare the region about the fate of these funds and where to go, particularly in the years (2010, 2011, 2012.2013), although for the region on its full share of the federal budget and 17% for the years in question, as well as not committed to the region pledges made ​​by the federal government handed over the amount of 400 thousand barrels per day within the budget of 2014, which caused a loss of additional amounted to more than six billion and 288 million dollars for the period from the month of January and up the end of the month of May 2014. “

and demanded that the Ministry of Oil, “the Turkish government to respect the sovereignty and the national wealth of the Republic of Iraq and the need to abide by the International Convention governing the operation of oil exports from the Turkish port of Ceyhan and signed between the two countries in 2010″, and expressed surprise at “the silence of many of the actors and the concerned parties and not commenting on the news and documents published by some segments of the media recently, which confirms that the Government of the Territory to sell oil to Israel and bringing them to the refineries. “

Ministry confirmed oil as “will spare no effort to preserve the national wealth and work to optimize and protect them for a better future for our people in all our provinces dear, “adding,” We reserve the right to legal prosecution of all those involved in dealing with the oil that is being ejected through the border illegally and without the permission of the federal government. “

It is noteworthy that the Oil Ministry announced that, in the 23 May last, for the establishment of a lawsuit a lawsuit against the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region for its oil exports without the consent of Baghdad, confirmed the start of legal proceedings against Turkey and company Botas for violating the agreement signed between the two countries in 2010. was the Committee on Energy and industry in the Kurdistan Parliament announced on the first of June, Germany and Italy bought the oil source of the region. noteworthy that Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz announced, in the 22 last May, that the Kurdistan region of Iraq began exporting the first shipment of crude oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean despite the conflict has existed since a long time with Baghdad regarding the sharing of oil revenues.


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