Prevent the Import of Agricultural Crops Supports Local Product

Citizens fear higher prices .. and farmers support him BAGHDAD – Farah pumice between support and rejection by citizens and farmers on the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture prevent the import of most agricultural crops, said Academy said the move aims to support the local product leads to drive the economy forward by supplying GDP earnings of different sectors.

, the Ministry of Agriculture has recently decided to prevent the import of fruits and vegetables after the availability of large amounts of these crops in the markets.
academic in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad, Dr. Saad Abdul-Hussein counting this decision “good” and in the interest of the country, because of its benefits a large increase in the production of the agricultural sector and operating the largest number of manpower, but he stressed the expansion of the ban to include livestock products, and make it limited to local products only, especially as it is the fresh produce and organic and reach the consumer directly, without the unhappy lot of time in shipping until secure local markets them.

came the ban at a time when the production of wheat and maize increased significantly to achieve food security, while still working to reach self-sufficiency in grain crops and vegetable crops, particularly the committees of the Ministry of Agriculture is continuing to monitor the local markets to get to know closely the abundances of local products to support the local product.

it is likely that there will be relatively high prices of vegetables and fruits covered by the decision of the ban, so it calls for Abdul Hussein in his statement the “morning” to educate citizens through the media, audio and video as well as holding seminars and workshops by professionals and organizations civil society, considering that the rate of increase of money will lead to fruitful results, including increased crop and employment, and will be worth in the coming years a reasonable proportion of the income of a citizen.

noted academic that this trend will increase the desire of farmers to increase agricultural area and increased plantings and thus supplement the GDP revenues for these crops, which contributes to move the loop integrated production in this sector, including absorption rates of the unemployed, supporter to be government support in the agricultural sector for a specified period of time, but when the concentration of production.
while saw citizenship Samira Ali said this decision is Saeb during the current term, because it will lead to an increase in the prices of agricultural crops of vegetables, so weigh the shoulders of the citizen to increase payments of monthly.

either Mostafa Mohammad (earner) has said that he prefers the crop locally produced, but its high prices and make him buy the importer who is its price is low, so the urge to allow the import of these crops and the citizen is the one who decides to buy the crop he wants., but the farmer Rahim necessary, the owner of a grove of fruit growing of citrus, apricot and pear (Aermut), agreed with the decision to market their crops and to support the increase in production .

, but he says that the right solution in the prevention phase-out of these crops, because of the security conditions that led to the degradation of agricultural land and to prevent the arrival of the mechanisms and materials necessary for the sustainability of these lands. aims ban decision to reduce production costs, as the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of the local product by giving continued support for farmers and farmers and provide them with fertilizers and seeds with them to buy the local product at a good price, in addition to combat agricultural pests such as Humera and Dubas on the palm is free.

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