Delayed Budget Increases Unemployment Rates

Saleh warned of major recession .. The goldsmith called for approval of Baghdad – the joy of pumice with the continuation of the negative effects of the delayed budget and its impacts on the everyday life of the citizens, especially the ordinary people of them, escalating day after day warnings specialists and fear of abnormality for more time, especially as the old Legislative House of Representatives ends after only six days, and the effects that has already begun contact with the growing unemployment and shrinking economy with the possibility of a recession and depression great as prepared by an economist appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, “Motta simple” life in all its aspects.

Disruption of Life

and thought in favor of the Constitutional Court ( Federal Supreme Court) will play a big role in the theme of the general budget and the disruption of life legislature in Iraq, so it is likely to give an advisory opinion to the government on how to behave.

said in a statement the “morning”: that “the court either end of the current session and leave the budget for the next session or make the current parliament approves the budget before the end of his work, so it is necessary to take the judgment at the present time. “

and holds the Federal Supreme Court to ensure respect for the contents of the constitution and establish the principle of the rule of law and to prevent the legislative branch or the executive branch of violating the basic principles or provisions contained in the Constitution and adjudicate disputes that arise between authorities, as concerned with the determination of the constitutionality of laws and decrees, orders, regulations and instructions issued by those authorities.

Deportation Plans

and the delay in approving the budget has a lot of negative effects on the Iraqi economy, he says the benefit in this regard, “the budget is the implementation of the five year development plan at the annual and implementation of strategies long-term, in the sense that these plans would be stalled and leave what creates a state of disabling all directions of the country and the creation of a country lacking development, especially that the budget account for half of gross domestic product. “

He also pointed to a contraction in all aspects of the economy leads to increase phenomenon of unemployment and poverty, thereby increasing the factors of crime as a social burdens, as well as the demise of the private sector, especially as it performs Contracting projects with the government (ministries and provinces) that result in a recession and then to the recession, which is “Motta simple” for the economic and social life, Besides influenced by the movement of trade in it, because government spending based on oil will be affected in this subject, in particular that the government spends system 1 to 12 of the budget year 2013.

Requirements of the Country

and called for the benefit of the competent authorities to prepare a budget bill that fits the requirements of Iraq as a country Nami, adviser apply the experience of Jordan to prepare the budget mixture between budget programs and budget items, as it is easy to Thokm in terms of its figures and transparency purposes and disbursed, is what it is in the current budget, as it will be required ministries and provinces to prepare a program or a plan for the full financial year, which will be played by the Ministry of Finance The details will abide by all the units of exchange in the provinces and ministries.

Strategic Economic

part, urged economic expert, contrary goldsmith House of Representatives next on the development strategy of full economic work to avoid delay in approving the budget in the coming years.
jeweler between “morning” there are a lot of economic laws is Off did not recognize, as well as non-completion of the necessary legislation for the joints of several economic, especially the outlook is unclear of the concept of a market economy in Iraq.

stressed jeweler on the importance of the discussion of the general frameworks for fiscal policy and directions of these spammers by the government and the parliament the next two, and not wasting time on the citizens of delayed approval of the general budget, calling on the community through civil society organizations that play a role in the accountability of Parliament why did not rush to the budget that affect the lives of citizens.

pointed out that economic reform was hoped to start since 2008, so it stressed the importance of strengthening the activity of Parliament to be coordinated with the government in the development of economic development, and the creation of appropriate infrastructure for the advancement of the service sectors and economic development through the control process based on valid grounds, as well as the production of the laws of economic interest to the interest of the community and enhance its ability to perform its role better, as well as the reduction of red tape.

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