The Increasing Role of Government in a Market Economy

Baghdad Yasser incumbent Some believe that the transition to a market economy cause the cancellation of the government’s role in economic affairs while economists see growing this role .. How? value in a lecture he delivered economic expert Dr. Mohammed Saleh appearance at the start of the new season for the second half of this year Center the morning of Strategic Studies, said the increasing role of government directly proportional to the economic development happening and the growth of the economy, which is accompanied by the expansion of the need for services to Aigdr the private sector to meet them but limited role of government and thus Zlll favor of the fears that some people in this regard. Recommends economists inevitability emptied the government to planning and guidance, monitoring and policy-making required in the economic life and quit meddling Aokiemha production and establishment of public companies, new and leaving that role to the private sector. Has proven experience Balmoktua failure of many public sector organizations in meeting the needs of the local market with lots of products and goods and commodities and here is the country suffers from accumulations of disabled more than “92″ company and factory, mostly disabled completely and the rest useless economic statistics show that an army of workers are placed in the category of “disguised unemployment” Atgulwn operating budget without payoff equivalent wages.

Experts believe that the treatment of this phenomenon lies in the privatization of these companies and unconditional guarantee of human workers in order to activate it, based on the principle that the private sector looking for profitability and his administration are obliged to this goal and thus distancing the government itself from the problems of the management of these loss-making companies and remains its guarantor of the rights of workers and there processors are many, notably the survival of actual producers and lay off redundant while ensuring their pensions and end of service benefits and thus realized social justice, according to experts. Others see public enterprises into joint-stock companies with the participation of the private sector and the administration, however, the private sector to ensure the achievement of the profits that perpetuate the continuation of the company and this style is the other reluctant government’s role in controlling the decisions of companies and makes them free in its decisions and ensures the administration is eager to achieve production required, this shift requires a monitoring role bigger by the government as well as providing services associated with this change.

expected result of these methods is to stimulate the banking sector to support the companies guaranteed profits to distance itself from the risk of bad debts in return for guarantees provided by the companies and thus expanding banking services and to recover the market again. These measures are one of the means to move to a market economy and basics to become management of the productive sectors, however, the private sector here is growing role of government in tight control on economic performance, especially It possesses authority control, planning and provision of services in support of this transformation and make it work.

Bottom line Eleven years have passed change and there Amurmasalt stuck and need solutions, including the privatization of companies idle, and now is the golden period after he realized that everyone benefits and it’s time to be applied gradually after the clarity of the picture and the mechanism for the importance of running the economic file by the private sector under the auspices and control of the government and the planning of each country’s needs.

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