Obama Nominates New Ambassador to Washington in Iraq and The Appointment of the Current Cairo

Alsumaria News / Baghdad ┬áNominated U.S. President Barack Obama ambassadors new to the United States in Egypt and Iraq, noting that the U.S. ambassador in Jordan Stuart Jones was nominated to be the ambassador to Iraq, instead of the current Robert Stephen Bercrawft, as nominated by the latter to be an ambassador in Cairo. said the White House, The “President Barack Obama will nominate Robert Stephen Bercrawft who served as U.S.

Ambassador in Baghdad since 2012 to be the U.S. ambassador in Cairo.” and added that “Obama also nominated Stewart Jones, who served as ambassador to the United States in Jordan since 2011, to be the new ambassador for his country in Iraq .

” The Stuart Jones previously served as Deputy U.S. Ambassador to Iraq in 2011 before he was appointed ambassador to the U.S. in Jordan. strained U.S. relations with Egypt after the announcement of the Egyptian army to isolate President Mohamed Morsi last July after mass protests against his rule.


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