Abu Hamza al-Masri: Manage a Club of Naked in London

Imam said the British radical “Abu Hamza al-Masri” on Wednesday in New York during his trial that he ran naked club in London in his youth when he tried to be a Western-style life. The trial of Imam “Abu Hamza,” whose real name is Mustafa Kamal Mustafa, 56, of Egyptian origin, and a former engineer, on charges of kidnapping and terrorism. And pleaded not guilty to the 11 charges against him, all related to the kidnapping before the attacks of 11 September 2001. At the event proved the charges against him, will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to one lawyer during the trial, Abu Hamza that his client’s secret work for the benefit of the British domestic intelligence agency “MI5,” said the judge in the absence of the jury that his mission was “to keep the streets of London safe.” The defense presented evidence of his claim and documentation of “Scotland Yard,” she said, proving that Abu Hamza cooperate with the police to calm tensions and helped in the release of the hostages. But the judge ruled the adoption of these documents are acceptable as proof.
And spoke Abu Hamza for the first time on Wednesday during his trial in front of the federal court in Manhattan, speaking in a low voice, he said that the man be “stupid” if he told his wife he did not love her, “he added,” perhaps will love at a later date, “prompting laughter judges in the courtroom.

He also explained that the engineering lessons included the World Trade Center that was destroyed by the attacks of 11 September, which praised them, and the impact of “explosions” and demolition operations, which benefited them later in life. Speaking of bin Laden, he said, “Sheikh bin Laden,” and acknowledged that he pointed out in the introduction to one of his books, explaining in a related field that he had traveled from Alexandria to Britain in 1979 and was in the 21-year-old then, because “the life of a Western-style American” He added that he wants to “make money and have fun.”

He continued to investigators, saying he moved from one job to another in London, so that he engaged “with another person in the management of a strip club.” He also worked in the academic Sandhurst military after receiving an engineering degree. Imam announced that British interest in Islam began in 1982 under the influence of his British wife, who “wanted to go for more time together.” And got on the Koran, and quit smoking, and stopped working in nightclubs during the month of Ramadan. He studied the Koran and prepared nine books on Islam, including the deployment of five to improve his English.

It was announced in front of the investigators, “If my innocence came at the expense of my dignity, do not want it.” The trial began, “Abu Hamza al-Masri” on April 17 (April) and will continue about a month and relate to charges of kidnapping 16 Western tourists in Yemen in 1998 and killed four of them, and of conspiring to set up a training camp-style camps “Al Qaeda” in Oregon the U.S. in the late year 1999.
It is also accused of providing material support to the network of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist plotting to create a computer center for the “Taliban”, and sending recruits to train for terrorist operations in Afghanistan.

Referred to as the “Abu Hamza al-Masri” is the father of nine children from three wives, a former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque, and lost one of his eyes and his arms amputated in an explosion a few years ago, in Afghanistan.


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