Army Regains Control of the Area After the Expulsion of Peasant Fallujah Daash

(Independent) … security source said operations in Anbar that the army has regained control of the area west of Falluja, peasant women after the expulsion of the elements of “Daash” ones.

The source said of the (independent) … on Saturday that “the army regain control of the area west of the peasant women of Fallujah after fierce battles with the elements of the terrorist organization Daash peasant women in the area west of Fallujah.”

He added that “the region is now under the control of the army,” adding that “he was expelled Daash elements into the city.”

The army on Friday began the implementation of a massive military operation with the support of the armored brigade for the Liberation of peasant women and Subaihat areas west of al-Fallujah “Daash.”

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