Najafi and Austin Discuss Security and Political Situation in Iraq

 Baghdad / Iraq News Network – Search House Speaker Osama Najafi, on Sunday, with Gen. Lloyd Austin, commander of the U.S. Central charge of the security of the Middle East, thoughts and views about the security and political situation in Iraq, especially the war against terrorism and the current events in Fallujah.

And new Najafi ( According to a statement from his office) reaffirmed the need to search for political solutions and finding approved for constructive dialogue and to create channels of communication the political rather than the excessive use of force and taking the lives of innocent citizens even easier for us to it by scoring the victory over al-Qaeda and Daash terrorists. eating Search also file the parliamentary elections, as confirmed Najafi The climate of the election like many of the bad conditions, particularly the floods that swept many areas on the outskirts of the capital, Baghdad, was unable to population access to funds to cast their ballots, as the events of Anbar and what followed from the fallout affected the turnout.

Also stressed his strong on the formation of a new government in a short period in order to put an end to the aggravation of the situation and the crises plaguing the country, and an end to the tragedies of citizens and cases of violence and terror in which they live for years. this and the two sides discussed bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them between the two countries in the presence of Stephen Beecroft U.S. ambassador to Iraq.

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