Maliki Meets with a Number of Politicians to Discuss the Formation of the Government

Tomorrow’s Press / BAGHDAD: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Sunday evening, the formation of the next government with a number of politicians from various political blocs.

A statement from Maliki’s office received “tomorrow’s Press,” said that “the last meet with political figures and members of the House of Representatives and held them several meetings,” noting that “among those meetings included political figures, including MP Ahmed al-Jubouri and Abdul Rahman Alloizi and Iyad al-Jubouri and Jawad al-Bolani from the pool competencies, as well as a delegation from the Dawa party organization headed inside Abdul Karim Al Anzi. “

The statement added that “these meetings comes within a series of meetings and similar understandings that have taken place over the past few days with many politicians and heads of blocs from across the spectrum of Iraq, with the aim of forming alliances and boot to form the next government.”

A source in the National Alliance, said earlier on Sunday, the eighth time will witness a meeting of leaders and some politicians of the National Alliance in the presence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to discuss the formation of the next government and the coalition to nominate a candidate for the presidency.

And compete in the parliamentary elections that took place on 30 April 0.9032 candidates, including 6425 men and 2607 women, 328 seats, while the number of voters covered by universal suffrage 20 million and 437 thousand and 712 people, and the number of voters covered by the Special vote, one million and 23 thousand , either absentee for the displaced is 26 thousand and 350, and the number of polling stations, the year 8075 the center included 48 thousand and 852 stations, and the number of agents of political entities more than 100 A, either by international observers has been the adoption in 1249 of them, as well as the adoption of 37 thousand and 509 local observers, The number of 278 international media, and local media in 1915.

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