Basra is Seeking to Increase Energy Imports from Iran

The Directorate of electricity distribution in the south, on Sunday, the Ministry of Electricity in connection with the agreement with the Iranian side to increase electricity imports from Iran through Basra by 100 MW to improve the electricity sector in the province.

The director of the media department at the Directorate of electricity distribution in the south Ahmad Ashour, said that «the ministry on the verge of an important contract with the Iranian side to increase electric power imported by Iraq through the Shalamcheh line in the province of Basra».

He added that «the line currently flows into the national grid with 400 megawatts, and after the conclusion of the contract amount will rise to 500 megawatts».

And increased Ashour, that «the project to increase electricity imports from Iran will improve significantly from the reality of the processing of residential areas in the province of Basra electricity during this summer».

He went on to say, that «the transmission lines and distribution networks are able to accommodate any increase in imported energy, so that the local network capacity up to 2,000 MW, and it is hoped to increase its capacity to 2250 MW after the completion of carrier lines under construction».

Ashour stressed that «electricity fitted across the line Iranian currently stable at the borders of 400 megawatts».

And that «energy processed through the line was reduced from the Iranian side a few days ago to 150 megawatts, and then returned to the normal position».

The local government in Basra announced late last year for drafting the plan projects the current year on the basis of 15 trillion dinars, divided into two, and the plan includes 14 projects strategically, including the establishment of thermal plant coastal production of electric power card 3000 MW, while spent the local government during the past years, millions of dollars on development projects, system production, transmission and distribution of electric power, but those projects did not put a definitive end to the deterioration of this sector, and I am still the ministry depends largely on electricity imported from Iran, as well as the energy produced by the three battleships freely Turkish anchored in the ports of Abu Flus, Umm Qasr and Khor Zubair business.

On the same level, announced the Ministry of Electricity, yesterday, stopped for three stations in the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Basra 3000 MW capacity for work, indicating that the effect on the plants stop hours of processing power supply to the provinces.He said the ministry spokesman Musab al-teacher, that «because of the unstable security situation in the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar has apologized to the Ministry of Oil for the delivery of fuel to those stations».

He pointed out that «the power plant in Nineveh capacity of 750 megawatts, and in Anbar province, 650 MW capacity. He said the teacher, that «station Rumaila in Basra province, which produces 1460 MW stopped, too, because of the low gas pressure».

The teacher pointed out, in his speech (IMN), that «there are other small generating stations parked because of the gas pressure. Between the teacher and that the «out of 3000 MW from the national system has increased the hours disconnect the power supply to the rest of the provinces. He pointed out, that «there is currently measures to deliver the fuel to power stations».

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