Three Americans Were Accused for the Fraud in Iraqi Dinar

The American court has started the trial against three American who expectedly deceived their fellow Americans in Iraq related investment in Iraqi dinar. According to the report, these American were asked to invest in Iraqi dinar with the guarantee to get return on investment by the 30th of April by revaluation. The aggrieved party invested thousands of dollars buying millions of Iraqi dinars. Figure shows that 22 million Iraqi dinars are purchased by these Americans on the guarantee of these scammers.

Several cases have already been reported in the different countries of the world for the fraud in Iraq currency. The dinar pushers and scammers shows green gardens to the innocent people and inspire them to buy Iraqi dinar with the promise to become rich overnight. But it is not the real case and against the ground realities of Iraq. Revaluation of Iraqi dinar is a national issue of Iraq and will be settled with at most care and according to suitable economic circumstances. You cannot become rich overnight as the things take time before happening. As far as my opinion is concern, the revaluation will happen by the end of 2015 or in the beginning of 2016.

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