Magazine «TIME» U.S. Unveils Plan to Divide Iraq into Three States

Plan to divide Iraq into three states, one of them in the north of Kurdistan, and the second for the year along the Syria, and the third Vlheiah, and its place in the south of Iraq and includes spaces and wide of him. Not only that, but this country is heading the new Shiite south, where up to Kuwait, to deduct areas vital to reach them also to include some parts of the north-east of Saudi Arabia. The magazine published detailed maps illustrate areas of distribution of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

Baghdad was considered among the Sunni Arab state, either of Kirkuk, according to the maps that were published «TIME» inside a Kurdish state, but on the line of contact with the state of the year, according to the report argues.

The report speaks about the annexation of the Kurdish areas in Syria to a Kurdish state in addition to the inclusion of some Sunni areas of Syria’s Sunni Muslim state. It is worth mentioning that the magazine «TIME» U.S. is considered close to the U.S. administration and express their point of view more often.

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