Anbar Experiencing Severe Shortages in Fuel

 Gray / follow the Orient:  Suffering residents of Anbar province from the power outage and the crisis in the fuel because of the military operations taking place in the province for more than five months. Said local residents in the province to the reporter Agency National Iraqi News: Residents of Fallujah and its suburbs and districts of him and Rawa, modern and leap-based and Akashat suffer from constant interruptions of electrical current, Aazin it to the destruction of some power plants and wires carrying power to the areas of the province due to the heavy fighting taking place in the province between military units and elements Daash.

Adding that those areas also suffer from severe shortages of fuel as a gas cooking oil and its derivatives due to cut the roads, which prevented the arrival of these materials to the areas of the province. pointing to the high price of a bottle of gas per to more than 60 / / A with the scarcity of severe motor fuel / gasoline / and called on the government to speed up the provision of fuel and repair stations generating electric power universe Vqdanhma portends major humanitarian crisis threatening the citizens of the province.

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