Turkey Paid a Heavy Price for Opening the Way for Terrorists

Translation – Anis Ben Hubbard and the yolk runny Aagunso In normal times, it was the transfer of 50 thousand pounds of frozen chicken into Iraq through the gate of the Khabur just a routine operation for the “parties Aydin,” Turkish truck driver who used to work on this line for years. However, the cross-border trade suddenly stopped or almost after closing attack the terrorists in Iraq this port were abducted 80 civilians Turkey. Day was this border gate wide open, and through them I let Turkey to terrorist groups from every hit and color easy access to the battlefields in Syria in an attempt to topple President Bashar al-Assad. However, this created fertile ground in Syria sprouted militant group was soon launched a campaign offensive peek inside Iraq this month, and the group intended here is “the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” or “Daash.” Says Aydin which contemplates the hundreds of trucks heading to Iraq in a queue writhing on the road coming from the horizon: “Since three years we see the flags” Daash “flapping in Syria, and Turkey are the cause of all this is that because it allowed them to enter.”  Today, with the high risk “Daash”, the Turkish government began to bear a heavy price compared to the chaos that has helped to create.

Says, “Soli Ozel,” a professor in international relations from the University “Unable Haas” in Istanbul: “It was the fall of the city of Mosul, a living testimony summarizes the failure of the Turkish foreign policy over the past four years. I do not I can unplug what happened in Mosul, about what is going on in Syria, because Turkey’s policies toward Syria was Astalaúah unrealistic governed by ideology and characterized stubbornness. “ Over the past made it a policy of “no problems with neighbors” of Turkey such as racket and admired as a democracy and an Islamic economic development. Turkey has reported extensively from the very opening of the Iraqi market, where exports rose last year to $ 12 billion dollars, which is the second-largest number of Turkish exports after its exports to Germany. But this figure could now drop by a quarter or more with the expansion of the fighting, says analyst Turkish “Attila Aicelada” Foundation “Global Source Partners.”

These losses arose after the civil war that destroyed Syria in the ability of that country to buy Turkish goods then paid hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming across the border. Turkey has spent $ 1.5 billion so far on these refugees and no end in sight.  The conflict that erupted recently in Iraq, another setback added to a series of setbacks in domestic and foreign policy which was signed by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling party “Justice and Development Party.”  Resounding success that has become Erdogan during the years following the ascent to the seat of power over a decade ago that robbed them of impurities let go sparkle first, from street protests to the mine disaster juggernaut then the corruption scandal that stretched long. Then came the Turkish government’s support for the Arab uprisings to increase it isolated from its allies.

Many in Turkey today blame the Turkish government because they helped the banner of the extremists on the rise in Syria. The leaders across the Turks have expressed concern the intensification helped jihadists close to their borders, and they say they are stepping up efforts to track down extremists. However, they do not talk too much about the growing threat of the insurgents in Iraq, has rejected a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry comment explaining how it will be affected by the Turkish policy in all this and respond to him.

However, Ankara took recently sent signals indicating it reorganizes and placed in line with the changes taking place in the region. In this month ranked Turkey Front victory, a branch of al-Qaeda group in Syria, a terrorist organization (ie, after a year and a half of its U.S. classification). On Tuesday called Erdogan European countries from Ankara to work to prevent “jihadists” from traveling to Turkey, but Turkish officials have been tightlipped in connection with the seizure forces the Kurdistan Regional Government to the city of Kirkuk, an act he would pose to condemn the immediate few years ago no more.

This silence may portend that the Iraqi Kurds, Turkey is the only certified partners in Iraq, says researcher Turkish “Sinan Oulgan” of “the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” in Brussels.  However, the strike Alawdja to Turkey of new conflict, which broke out in Iraq hit the south-eastern corner of Turkey, which was to achieve the greatest gains from expanded trade with Iraq, which would sustain the greatest loss if the trade collapsed. This change seems evident when Khabur border gate, which was a few weeks ago to what is not passed more than two thousand Turkish trucks loaded with goods to Iraq every day. However, the number decreased to less than half of that because of falling demand and rising level of risk for the goods transported. This reflects the more danger because of the plight of more than 80 Turkish citizens have been kidnapped by gangs “Daash” when the occupation city of Mosul.

Among these citizens Consul General and three children and 31 truck drivers. Since then, no one knew anything about the fate of these. Kidnapping sparked panic those people who were dependent on their lives in the cross-border trade. Spinal “Dorokhlo” inhabited by about 1,300 people, and that their people still live in houses of mud and where most men go to work truck drivers as soon as they reach the legal age, with four of her children between drivers abducted.

Says, “Mehmet Turgut,” which leads the prayer in the mosque of the village: “Do not talk to us in our night or Nharna is this modern, but not in our hands what we can do.”  Not far it displays “Nihal held,” that kidnapped her husband and her son among those abducted “Daash”, visitors to her humble home a framed picture showing the two men, but then crumble dilapidated on the porch which embraces the image and tears streaming down her face even dripping from her chin.  Nihal says: “I went to Akspa us money to live it. We can live without money, but we will not be able to live without them. “

However, the truckers have been able to, as you say their families, to hide a couple of cell phones it seems they are on the way to communicate with their relatives to reassure them. They say they are getting food and they were not subjected to ill-treatment, but they do not know when they will be released.  Says, “Mehmet Kizil,” owner of the company he works for bikers calculated that the kidnappers “Daash” has demanded an amount of between five and ten million dollars for the release of the men, but it is no longer a party to the negotiations, since the Turkish government took this matter. But Turkish officials say they are making efforts to release the prisoners and that they had banned the media to comment anything on this subject.

However, the danger did not deter most of the other drivers from going to Iraq and this is evident from the long queue waiting for the role, which stands for passage. Many of the drivers died in the line more than 24 hours in Mamadan time to listen to music and play their mobile phones and tea on a small stove and then sleep. Says, “Abdul Ghafoor,” a driver mystery graying hair and claims that he spent a whole week before he gains a cargo conveyed to Iraq: “If things were taking place in the normalcy of what now found plenty of time to stand up here and the exchange of talk.” Like many of his friends and colleagues heavier, “Abdul Ghafoor “Tubby the same back-breaking to be able to buy his truck, which is now feared that he would be forced to failure to pay premiums. He adds that he has had to send three of his children to harvest tomatoes and cleaning rooms in a tourist hotels to cover the financial requirements of the family.

Standing close to Mr. Aydin, who holds in his truck and a meal of frozen chicken.  He says he owes 47 thousand dollars on his truck and that he should reimburse the amount of $ 2,700 each month, but that business has slowed to the extent that it is no longer assured of being able to earn what would be sufficient for repayment.
Aydin says: “We must go to Iraq, we do not have any other choice.
For The New York Times


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