Losses of $ 140 Million Jordanian Industrial Sector

Left encounters with terrorism in Iraq BAGHDAD – A follow-up – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb Jordan’s industrial sector suffered heavy losses of up to 140 million dollars in the past month exclusively according to press reports quoting experts Jordanians took performance reasons behind the decline of the industry and there are events that occurred because of military incidents in Iraq and led to the closure of border crossings with the kingdom. It incurred to traders and exporters to weaken these amounts due to the accumulation of goods manufactured within the Jordan border for the same reason as well as what sets through the port of Aqaba from goods to Iraq, which in turn stops, and here the graph falls to the level of income from the Kingdom of the process.

Iraqi Request

He Economists Jordanians that the crisis in Iraq caused the increase the percentage of disability suffered by the kingdom’s budget, and pointed out that the Free Zone in Oman, which is designed to accommodate the demand of the Iraqi who is from 70-80 percent of its products exported across the border between the two countries that had stopped because of these events . They pointed out that the additional costs incurred because of the Jordanian economy, raising the alert on the border to preempt the potential risks that may affect the kingdom.

Great Demand

Advisory Amer Issa jeweler pointed out in an interview for the “morning” that the Jordanian industrial sector fall ill significant damage to not being able to communicate with the Iraqi market through land border ports, pointing to the existence of industries created from the nineties of the last century in order to supply our products to the Iraqi market characterized by the existence of the request Large them.

Reinvested locally

He said the jeweler, saying: on the axis of internal must employ this circumstance to serve the local economy by making cell economic crisis to activate the decisions of the Cabinet meeting held on 24 June, which was to adopt the strategy of development of industries extend to 2030 as well as the strategic development of the private sector in 2030, which appeared its importance as a result of events, and said now is an opportunity in order to turn those decisions into actions and that they take a long time.

National Industries

He pointed out that the channels of communication today is locked with the goods Jordanian and Turkish goods, which leads to the possibility of activating the local industry and to compensate any shortage may get in the import through the activation of local production to factories and production lines approved that can enter into the stage of actual production quality.
Security and stability

Competent affairs industrial Jassim Al Aradi noted that security and stability in the region, regionally is very important and do the economics of all countries in the region, without exception, which must be aware of political regimes, indicating that happens with the goods Jordanian and Turkish He studied hard for the economies of those countries, especially that a lot of products intended for the Iraqi markets. And between Aradi in his “morning” that the search for new markets for those goods at the present time is very difficult, and thus will return negative results on the industrial sector and the declining graph of the level of production there, and this leads to the loss incurred by the Jordanian economy and Turkish.

Industrial Expertise

He stressed that the country has the experience of industrial worthy in many areas in the forefront of the food industry that can take advantage of them at the present stage and raise its production capacities in light of the growing demand for dry materials that can be employed to support the armed forces. The number of owners of local industries have vowed to activate the production of factories specialized in food and raise its production capacities is possible within days, a few, as well as the possibility of running new production lines to meet the requirements of the local market of food and other essential items during the meetings and decisions of the Committee for the crowd Economic headed d. Sami al-Araji, and membership of industry associations and professional and business in the study of the possibility of activating this aspect.

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