Determinants Interfere With the Growth of Banking Business

Baghdad Yasser incumbent  Interested in the developed world today in the creation of new tools and renewed support for the growth of banking through new techniques and styles Aalhaddath in providing products and banking services through the Internet and cellular phones, accelerating and easy trading of cash and commercial relaxed and remotely and to meet the requirements of its citizens save time and cut in Government paper with the problems and risks that outweigh the risks of these mechanisms, according to economists.

Iraq is heading to the use of these tools through the pursuit Iraqi Central Bank to transfer these techniques and technology to the private banks as a sponsor has been shown that banks speed in response to bring these technologies, which collided with the failure of the banking system, the government, comes at a time confirming the financiers, economists need facilitate and simplify the banking procedures, as well as the case for government agencies, but the reality of the situation seems to contrast how?

There is a big gap between the performance of state-owned banks by the private banks, which responded to the recent modernization of its agencies and train their employees on governance administration banks through modern technology and the application of international standards adopted and represented in the Basel 1, 2 and 3, as has been the public banks lag in managing traditional trade manual Sometimes, this gap is the reason to block the growth of the banking business in Iraq.

As an example of the way backward in the management of State-owned banks there are measures in the face of precautionary but in its interior, crippling and backward, once you’ve checked one government banks to regulate the instrument to one of the government departments that Elzimtna edit instrument for the way they deal with the ease of not and Aaaatard, but the problem is that the bank did not agrees to organize the instrument Alabhoudorsahb regard, the instrument is certified to the Department of Real Estate Registration by my wife to pay the tax Bzmtha of buying a property in its name.

The instrument for cash, I push it and not withdrawn from its credit profile in order to be refusing injunction is true, and you can imagine the amount of suffering which passed on without have to get your instrument, this procedure futile and counterproductive really for the development of the banking business, and when you compare this measure transactions in millions of dollars through the Internet and mobile will be asked yourself where are we from the global development and still Nhters of right and not wrong.

This puzzle struck me, and I pondered carefully and where we are very much of the civilized world? Is Snstfik of Spatna to catch up civilization and sophistication required for a country with an economy will become the eighth Tiger by experts forecast the global economy?.

This wide gap between us and the world a cause to reconsider banking policies government was or civil, but Annsaq behind the statements of some of the non-specialists who abuse the reputation of Iraq’s banking Arafah Obdunha and seek organizers of the monetary and fiscal policy to draw a strategy of real policy of banking and including position to catch up with the global civilized.

Unlike the banking system Agheroaaly peace and go back to back, how to build and grow a country without a developed banking system renewed and meets the requirements of construction and reconstruction and investment, and for the rest of the interview to see again.

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