Decline in Trade Between the Kurdistan Region and other Provinces

Witnessing trading and investment in the cities of the Kurdistan region of a significant decline due to the financial crisis resulting from differences with Baghdad on the one hand and the deterioration of the security and the closure of most of the main roads Association of the territory central and southern governorates of hand in the disappearance of trade exchange between the province and the central and southern governorates.

Said Sirwan Mohammed, head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sulaimaniya told all of Iraq [where] the business dealings within the region dropped significantly after the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil and was exacerbated after the crisis of Mosul, pointing to a decline in business dealings between the EU and the region is currently 100% [lack of trade] Because of the closure of roads and the Association Daash gangs control it. “

In turn, reported the Directorate of investment in the province of Sulaymaniyah reporter [where] investments decline significantly, pointing to the existence of concern among local and foreign investors of the current situation and to him MastĂșl events in the future, as there is reluctance on the progress of projects during the past few months.

As if to underline some businessmen fear of accelerating political events in Iraq, and the situation worsened between Arbil and Baghdad adversely affect the overall projects.

For its part, revealed the Chamber of Commerce in Sulaymaniyah on the proportion of trade decreased by 70% from the pre-events, the latter, especially after the crisis of Mosul and the disruption of the main roads link between the province and the rest of the other provinces on the one hand and Iraq with neighboring countries on the other hand, it greatly impacted the quality of products in market prices.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sulaymaniyah about the presence of a determined effort to open the border crossing Zurbatiyah and take advantage of it to pass goods and commodities.

This is because of the recent events that gripped Iraq and control gangs Daash the city of Mosul, cut off most of the road link between the province and the Oualemhafezat other, especially since there is a proliferation of militants Daash in several crossings vital that pass through commercial trucks to and from the province of Kurdistan.

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