Oil Expects Increases of the West Qurna 2 field Badra

Declining anxiety in global markets may stop exports from Iraq Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi – Farah pumice Affected world oil prices, with the decline in concern about the possible disruption of oil exports from Iraq after he gambled a lot in the past few weeks on the impact of events scattered in some areas of the country on the flow of crude oil from the south. Prices rose Brent crude to more than $ 115 a barrel in that period Now the price does not hold for longer because not affected oil fields in southern Iraq by the gangs Daash attack on the city of Mosul in the tenth of last month. Analysts said oil prices continued to fall with the sharp decline in concerns about supplies to the world markets.

And The Ministry of Oil to national and international companies working rapidly rising on the implementation of the program to develop oil fields and increase production in accordance with the length of time planned in agreement and coordination with international companies winning licensing rounds. In this context, said the official spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, that things in the oil fields running normally because Iraq is keen to provide the atmosphere safe investment, and that work is going on on a regular basis in the fields of the center and south, which are stable as a result of facilitating the entry of appliances and equipment to those fields in coordination with the stakeholders.

The Jihad said in a statement (morning) that work is going on a plan in place for the fields and there are increases in waiting of the West Qurna 2 field where it Mouml to reach its production to 400 000 barrels per day, indicating that the entry field Badra to initial production will enhance the quantities of exported crude.  And the export of oil reached Jihad said the daily export rate has seen record numbers to rise after 2003, where exports exceeded 2.5 million barrels per day, including recently reflected on exports, which will rise gradually to the end of the year and within the ministry’s plan set for this purpose.

He added that a small number of companies working in the fields, to withdraw a number of its staff comes as a natural for the fact that these companies have a business and projects in other countries as well as on the proportion of workers in the oil fields of Iraq of 85 percent of the overall percentage of workers in those fields. He said, and then the decision to the companies to withdraw a number of experts does not affect the processes of production and export of oil to the fact that work in the fields of Central and South continuous walking pace escalating along with system administration for those fields, which are managed jointly between Iraq and international companies.

To the meat Brent near its lowest level in a month without $ 109 a barrel on Wednesday on his way to landing the eighth session in what would be the longest losing streak in more than four years amid expectations of more supply after Libya resumed production in the field of spark. Brent crude was down one cent to 108.93 dollars per barrel away from the low level on Tuesday, which amounted to $ 108.69 weakest level since June 9 and Mnhvdha about six percent for the highest price in nine months hit in June. The U.S. light crude rose eight cents to 103.48 dollars a barrel after trading at such a settlement on Tuesday, the latest in a long series of losses in 2009. Approaching and the difference between the price indices of Van narrowest level in about a month.

In the same vein called a consultant in industrial development and investment line-up next to the plans in the field of oil and energy policies implemented in line with the strategy of energy extended up to the year 2030 in the country, as the reference to the foundation for this area. He Advisory Amer Jeweler prepare a holistic plan to expand the network of oil pipelines as a prelude to increase the country’s exports, and in harmony with the energy strategy, as well as taking into consideration the economic interest of the country, especially with the security effects that passes by.

The aim of the strategy to reach the national economy prosperous and integrated into all aspects of the energy sector and in turn lead to the advancement of reforms multi-cultural aspects of the period between the years 2013-2030.
He said the jeweler said in a statement the “morning” to the need to establish a system for the head of the oil pipelines in Iraq, and increase export outlets, to assist in the division of the provinces of the country homogenized, Hada to establish new refineries and new oil lines.

He called on the concerned ministries of energy (oil, electricity, industry), which is the basic preparation and put (the strategic energy) and other plans for this area to implement and apply as soon as possible to contribute to the increased revenue of the country, with the support of the ministries chock during the period specified.  In the opinion of the advisory that every plan and conduct a feasibility study for a period of recovery, especially as the country needs to be flexible export especially in light of the current circumstances, so the feasibility taken punctual possibility of maneuver and to ensure Iraq’s oil exports, stressing the need to activate the strategic energy because of its benefits and significant returns on Iraq over the long term.

In order to promote exports, raise Iraq’s export capacity in the Gulf last year to set up two platforms Aaúmtin. But he still works on the installation of pipelines and pumps freely to achieve optimum benefit from this energy.


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