100 Thousand Dinars for the Students of Al-Anbar

Baghdad morning – Haider virgins decided to Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ali al-Adeeb spend $ 100 000 dinars per student began attendance at the University of Anbar. transfer a press release of the ministry received “morning,” a copy of it: that the University of Anbar witnessed the regularity of official working hours in all faculties of the university as a result stabilizing the security situation in the city of Ramadi.

Confirmed that the rate of enrollment of students to study and reached high levels in all faculties of the university, as well as climb faculties of the University of Fallujah in colleges similar at the University of Anbar. added source for “morning,” said Minister of Higher Education and also agreed to give all students who undertook the attendance 100 000 dinars extra Furthermore monthly grant taking into account the circumstances of the pension, calling on students who did not attend to the need for direct and regular attendance, warning that the university received also the amount of scholarship students for three months.

Also pointed out that the Minister of Higher Education face to provide all supplies necessary for the completion of the current academic year and move on to the next stage in order not to be missed on the students.


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